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I don’t know where you are on your grief journey, but I was looking for some spiritual words this morning and came across this wonderful video. It is about 30 minutes long, but a good watch. If you don’t watch anything else, watch the last 7 or 8 minutes. 

Peace to all.

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I just wanted to add that in the video, the speaker addresses the Hebrew word “hesed” meaning love and loyalty. This love and loyalty is what helps us throughout our grief. Some on here I know don’t have someone that provides this level of support and care. That is where WV I hope comes in to care for one another in the absence of that support system. 

Consider  posting  this in the  People  of  Faith  group. There  are  believers  there who  would  enjoy it.

Those final minutes when he shares the story of the couple going out for dinner ... that took me back to 2006 after my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and was unable to walk. I know that 'board' and the wheelchair and the lifting and sliding and doing. But through it all there was LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13 was my mantra. I had a little pillow with part of that verse stitched on it that I hung on the light next to his hospital bed in our living room. Thank you for this sweet little memory.

You are welcome Dianne. I can’t even fathom how hard that journey is both physically and emotionally. Such a beautiful passage and speaks to what we all need to hang onto in life, and in death - faith, hope and love. Hope gets me up each morning with a plan to get through my day. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, but it gets accomplished. 

I can relate to the end of the clip.  Its been a year and 8 months and I would give anything to be still helping her get around  She thought she was a burden but I always remembered our wedding vows that said for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for better or worse till death do us  part.  I never thought she was a burden only a blessing for 49 + years.  She gave my life a purpose.

PhilEC, when you care do deeply for someone, you don’t abandon them. So you are right, for better or for worse. On the surface, there is much to do taking care of someone who needs you, physically or emotionally. But it is a labor of love and does give your life purpose. Thank you for viewing. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday. 


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