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My husband passed away recently. For 7 weeks,  have been trying to get a sketch to approve of his headstone from the funeral home where his service was held. Finally, when another "you'll have it by _____" deadline had passed without the sketch, I went to a monument center and picked out another stone. Two days later the funeral home called, they now have the sketch. I really wanted to yell and scream at them but suppressed the urge. Tonight I am wishing I had yelled and screamed.

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I understand your anger, I'd would've been livid. Like yourself, I would've refrained from ripping into them. We never know who we're talking to -unfortunately I've dealt w/resentful people who purposely cause maddening delays, and that is not what anyone wants during a very sensitive time. 

It's best to try to keep your composure to get what you want even when you want to choke down someone. 

Hope it works out well ...

I think they got the message loud and clear without your screaming, if you gave your business to their competitor. Although it would have felt good to scream!!

Things we could have easily dealt with before widowhood, can sometimes cause a meltdown now. It is like the last straw being put on that poor camel's back. Can't tell you how many times I have been reduced to tears and/or "why bother" when dealing with bureaucrats or businesses that give me grief.


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