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looking through FB, someone had a post about their husband getting a knee operation. Just seeing a picture of an older man in a hospital gown with IV started the tears flowing. Does it ever end....

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My husband has been gone almost ten months now. Recently, a relative was having major surgery. I went to the hospital to support her children as they awaited the outcome of the surgery. The surgery went well and we were waiting to go to her room to see her. Her daughter went first but when she returned to give us an update she started explaining how her mother's blood pressure had suddenly spiked to over 280/110. That was it for me. My husband and I thought he was going to be released from the hospital when the nurse informed us his blood pressure was too high and he could not be released. The next day he died. I guess just the mention of blood pressure was the trigger. I was there to give them support and I am the one sitting there sobbing. You just never know. Hopefully, you will be around people like I was who will  be consoling.

DIVA, Some things never leave us but in time, become less painful.  Two things that I have had trouble with is the ambulance siren and the playing of Taps.  Hope that your relative recovers and remember, lots of things can cause a spike in blood pressure. However, I certainly understand how that can be a trigger for you. Things get ingrained in our brains, especially relating to stress and trauma.  It’s sometimes a “surprise” when these things crop up but at least we can understand why they do. Hugs to you.


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