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A few weeks ago I asked about anyone who suffers from anxiety.  One responder asked me if I wake up in panic in the morning.  I never got a chance to answer her because my post veered off in a new direction by other responders.  But I wanted to tell Broken Diva that I do have my most horrible times just waking up in the mornings.  Every single morning.  The anxiety combined with depression lasts for quite awhile.  It's coming out of the dream world and the escape of sleep into the real world.  I hate going to sleep at night because I know what morning will bring.  I try my best to do anything I can to change my thoughts, but the anxiety won't let me. Eventually it gets better, but leaves me exhausted.  Does anyone else experience this? I am not new at this .  I'm at 3 years 9 months.  Sorry I've taken up the forums today.  Just a very bad day and need friends to vent to.  Thank you.

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Hello - I definitely sympathize...I too want to be lost in dreams.  I don't feel the anxiety and loss there.  Waking up is literally hard.  At least when I sleep and/or dream...I'm not...HERE.

So for whatever it may be worth - you're not alone in this!

I often sit up all night for that exact reason.

Does it help to sit up all night?  Do you sleep during the day after?

Oh man, i'm so sorry, I didn't see this until now.  

NO, it does't help.  I was getting about 3 hours of sleep.  Leaving me exhausted, grumpy and weepy.  I would sleep from about 5am to 8am.  I'm on a better schedule now and doing better.  

I started listing to books as I fall asleep, often in the morning the first thing I do is ask alexa to play my book.  It keeps my mind occupied.  I have found it is also helpful while I'm on long car rides too.  Those make my mind wander and I'm in tears by the time I get where I'm going.  

Dear Lostandloney,

Thanks for responding to me!  I think this happens to a lot of people.....

Did you ever try breathing?  Inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 5.  I also try to live in the MOMENT.  Don't think ahead!  That drives me crazy.

Also, I try to do something....and think of doing it.  I often speak out loud, saying OK, now I'm stepping over to make coffee....minute by minute.

But I agree with you - hate to go to sleep cause I know what morning will bring.  I have no trouble falling asleep but often wake up too early because of my thoughts!  Does that happen to you?

I will be thinking of you....please think and pray for me too!  We WILL get through this.

I wish it the anxiety I wake with could be helped with breathing.  It is so strong it makes me nauseous.  It last several hours.  Thank you for trying to help.  I know living in the moment is also a good thing, but the anxiety just won't let me do that.  My therapist is working on that, but we haven't gotten very far.

To live in the moment you have to force yourself to THINK because your brain can't think of two things at once.  Try talking out loud (I know that sounds funny) but try to focus on just one thing.....I've even heard to yell "STOP" outloud....and try to focus on one thing.

I really sympathize with you....It is so HARD!  But it can only get better!

Broken Diva, I was having panic attacks when driving, in the grocery store, anything that required decision making and planning. I finally started some anti anxiety meds - I typically take a 1/4 or 1/2 dose, and sometimes taking one dose will help interrupt the cycling of anxiety I was feeling. I’ve also started antidepressants, but it’s too early to tell if that will help, But in any case - the Ativan has helped to reduce the crippling side of anxiety. 


Mornings are the worst.  You wake up from being unconscious and the realization that it's all been real and the pain that follows that realization is inescapable.  You wish you could just sleep forever.

I haven't thought too much about it but I think what I will try to do every morning is do something that my wife would have done or what she would have wanted me to do which I think is drink a full glass of water.  My wife drank a lot of water, she thought it was very important and has been telling me to drink more water.


I like your idea; I wish I could do that but memories of my husband and what he would want to me to do are horrifying still.  I am just so sad.  Maybe that is what is wrong with me - avoidance.  But I know my husband would say, "You have to do things you have to do, not just things you want to do."  He was a very intelligent man!  He would be so mad at me now for being this way.  I am really trying!

I just hope some day I can think fondly of him - now that is what is causing my anxiety in the morning - I have intrusive, random thoughts of him and I want to not think them!

Proud of you if you can do it.

Loveboo... I wish I could sleep forever...I don't feel the dread and anxiety when I'm asleep...

Could someone describe the anxiety you feel as best as you can?

I certainly feel the sadness and depression but not sure if I feel the anxiety.

I do feel "what do I do now?" type of thoughts - is that an example of an anxious thought you are having?

Thank you.


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