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We're friends, not doctors, financial or legal professionals, and we're not "grief experts." But we are here, and we've been "there."

Just wanted to see if there were more young people out there, like myself who were widowed in their 20's-30's. 

Be sure to join the Born in the 80s or Born in the 90s groups to connect with others your age.  We just added the 90s group.

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Hi, I'm 33 now. Widowed at 31. Sucks. Hard to relate to other people my age or make new friends.

For me it is hard to keep the ones I have. They don't like "this side of me". 

My husband was extremely sick for 6 years. I was completely devoted to caring for him and didn't have time for friends, so I pretty much let them all go. I'm close with my family, but don't really have many friends anymore. Feel very lonely most of the time.

Mine was taken suddenly. Alot of people do not know what to say or do, so their best "option" is out of sight out of mind. 

I don't really like the club/bar scene anymore. Not many groups or things to do where I live. How the heck do you meet new friends in your 30's? Lol

grief support groups? haha

Haha, exactly!
I always liked travelling. Since I've been widowed, I've taken my Mom with me a couple times, but I know she's just doing it because she feels bad for me. Now when I take vacation days from work, I sit at home alone. How depressing! My Mom said to look online for a travel buddy, but that seemed weird to me.

Through another forum I found out about.. Bagos (i think they are called) they are big gatherings of Widows and Widowers. From what I see it has been a really good time. 

Thanks, I might check that out.
Widowed at 30. Restarted school. Dealing with young adults with a teen of my own is different to say the least. Sometimes if someone tries to talk to me, I find the first instance I can to blurt out how I was widowed recently. They start to leave you alone after a while.

Awww Lirvie. I can understand that. I have friends in my life who 'have bigger problems" (relationship drama) I want so badly to be like.. well my love was taken from me.. I dont wanna hear about you wanna leave yours because she doesnt text you back fast enough... 


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