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Just wanted to see if there were more young people out there, like myself who were widowed in their 20's-30's. 

Be sure to join the Born in the 80s or Born in the 90s groups to connect with others your age.  We just added the 90s group.

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Yea. After the accident, my mom would call and complain about her husband... It drove me insane
Yes. I was widowed at 27. I am now 30. Approaching the age my husband was when he crossed over. I'm all over the place with emotions. I don't want to pass him up. It will be 4 years soon and I feel like I haven't moved on at all. I am just now realizing that I am afraid to move on and don't know how to. I was in denial thinking I was living. I thought leaving the military would help but now am even more lost and jobless. I just want to be back in his arms to breathe in his scent.

Join the "Born in the 80s" group to connect with other young widows.  Guess we need to start a "Born in the 90s" group, unfortunately.

Thank You, I had not seen that previously.. 

Yep, I'm widowed at 27. It's very weird. I'm glad that I maintained my friendships during my marriage, because they have helped me so much. I'm sorry that some of you don't have good friends who are still there for you even though they don't understand.

We do have groups for those in their 20s and 30s.  

The 80s group has been in place for awhile and has many members. To join, just click on the box near the top right that says "+Join Born in the 80s":

We just opened up a group for those born in the 90s. Feel free to join both:

Hi, I am 31. My husband passed away a year and a half ago. All I can say is that being a widow has made me be very self-conscious. I feel like I'm the odd person that doesn't fit into any of the typical groups. I'm not married anymore yet I don't feel single.

35 now, widowed just under four weeks ago. My family and friends are mostly in the Midwest; I relocated to New England for our family just this August after living apart for the first year of our marriage (and all of our courtship). All I really have here are the people I work with in another town (I commute to our shared home and live in an apartment during the week). HIs ex is keeping my stepkids from having any contact with me - even kept them from the funeral - so I am starting completely over now. This sucks.

Yes, I turned 34 just after my husband died. 

Yes I'm 34 just lose my husband 7 weeks ago. It is horrible.
I'm 26 now, lost her 4 years ago this Thursday.. So yes we do exist, just a bit harder to find.

Hi, I'm 31 and just lost my husband 10 weeks ago to suicide.


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