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I would like to hear some of your thoughts on Ebola.

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I havent thought much about it, its out of my hands and not much I can do about it, for me its like worrying about catching a cold or the flu, I cant control things like that. It is what it is, sadly!

Only a few things I know about it, but those things might not be totally accurate. The infected person needs to be showing symptoms -- fever, vomiting, diarreha -- to pass it along. Then, there must be an exchange of bodily fluids -- saliva, urine, feces, or blood -- to get it. If you keep a fair distance you should be OK. Don't know if this is what you were looking for.

Saw this short video on Facebook:

My roses
to David1980

If you wish to know about Ebola then go to wesbite.. Ebola is highly infectious and one should be prepared. The Chinese have sent many Drs to the Africa area to try and deal with this. Because it is so
nasty a disease, they tend to play it down... but one does need to be aware. It can be airborne as well as
by touch or blood etc. This has been denied for some time... but in fact has now been proven by some researchers.
There are natural things that can be given to boost the immune system, and to kill viral bugs. The Chinese have apparently been using various things for many years, as they have had pandemics and developed methods to
deal with it. The website above has lot of information on what to do about this epidemic and how to protect yourself and family.

My Roses, always a pleasure to hear from you. I have the website in my bookmark. and will read it when I have the time.. I love to research nutritional remedies, and have spend some of my Friday nights reading on various natural remedies. It is my understanding that the Chinese is far more advanced in this area.

It does seem possible that Ebola could spread through the air, or mutate until it could be contagious in that manner. Again thank you for replying, and enlightening me on this topic.


My roses

Dear David 1980 

I am glad that my post helped a bit.  I think you will be very moved and even surprised by the amount of

material about Ebola is on that website.  Adam is an amazing man, committed to telling the truth about

health, wellbeing and what is actually happening in other overlapping areas of research etc.  His

head and his heart are in the right place.  I call him one of the Brave men.. of which I know there are about five.One is in Germany, one in New York, Adam in Texas, Phillip in UK, another in Hawaii. 

Thank you too for your kind words - re it being a pleasure to hear from me.  I do a lot of research and have been blessed with info from many sources as well as Alternative Drs. who are both medically trained and trainedin alternative medicine.

I often think of us all on this site and would love to have an opportunity to meet up with many of  those we have journeyed with.  I also hope and wonder what has happened to those we have not heard from for a long while.

The people on this site are different, they are not players, they are Real, changed for ever, and  longing for

happiness once again.  People like this (from what I have been seeing lately)  are dwindling away... Its changed to a harsher mode -  where if you open up - they tell you they will phone (for example) but nothing happens.  These type of uncertainties are not what WV people need.  It would be wonderful to have a physical community manifest itself from the online one. Real people, sincerity, and friendship.... it seems thin on the ground at the moment.  The 5 brave men are concerned for all of us,  they are putting themselves at risk to tell the truth.

Either to be banned from practising medicine, having their websites torn down, and even physical violence.

I am still hoping that WV can come to Australia and  Soaring spirits have said they are hopeful about doing this.Maybe then we could meet more of each other on Australian soil.

Blessings  to you

My Roses, it is so cool the way you research. I am a fact finding person, and I have found this website very interesting. I love the little lady on cannabis, and many of the articles. Did you ever read about IP6 and cancer? I research from paranormal to nutrition, and about everything in between.

I know it is not popular, but I am addicted to fact finding. My wife was the same way, and I know what you mean about how difficult to find those types of people. Ellen and I would spend hours in researching various topics. I spend almost all my time trying to answer questions that consumes my interests. I have a friend that is an electrical engineer that is a super researcher in some of the areas that this site has discussed.

I am in a hurry, but would love to share more on topics of interests.

[email protected] Please Write any topic that you have researched and find interesting.

A Researching Junky and Friend/starved for this type of conversations........



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