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I used to love to read. I have not been able to read a book from cover to cover that is not about grief or some kind of self-help or inspiration (usually the kind with small quotes on each page).

Now I am about halfway through a real book. It's been a year for me since my wife died. My goal is to be able to concentrate and pay attention to this book, and then another.

I want my mundane regular daily life back. I want to be able to do normal human things like read a book. I'm curious, if you are able to read a book, at what point in your grief did you accomplish this?

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I'm 3 months into this. I tending to read books on widowhood, grief and psychic stuff. They are generally books that are helping me at this stage.

My hobbies are bridge and walking the dog. I used to run a book group, but I'm just not interested in fiction at the moment. However, I can just about read a newspaper, although current affairs also don't bring out my usual passions.

Hopefully, this is a temporary stage in my life.

Hi Lindi,

    I can only tell you that it was a temporary stage for " me " ...  I started reading books about HOW widows got started back into life after losing the one they love... I know all of these novels were just books / stories... But some of them had good ideas.  

   You like Bridge ? I tried playing that once and gave up. LOL  I'll stick with Gin... Wow, it's been years since I've played Gin. But I liked it. Right now it's just solitaire online...

    What kind of dog do you have ? I wish my Sissy was still alive. I had a little white Maltese. She was my little love. ( 7 lbs. of love . )  Anyway, it's great that you have your dog. :-) 

   I'll attach a picture of Sissy.




Susan, your Sissy is so pretty. I'm sorry you lost her also. My little guy, a Russian Bolonka named (St.) Basil brings joy and comfort. I'm sorry you miss your Sissy!

I am wondering what novels you read with widows as protagonists getting started back into life. The ones I come across do not appeal most of the time. How did you find them?

There is a search bar at the top of our library web site... I got there and type in WIDOW LITERATURE... And that usually puts me in touch with books with widows in it. 

   And Thank you for the compliments on Sissy... She passed away in 2014.  I have thought of getting another Maltese, But maybe I shouldn't with a grandson on the way.  I do't know how they would get along.


I will try that. My local library is quite small and somewhat limited. Last week, I paid for membership at another library where I used to work, a very well funded library. I might find that to work better there. I have used search terms but they have seemed to bring up a genre that does not appeal to me. Might just be reflective of the sorts of books in higher demand in my locale. thanks!

Lindi, 3 mos is still so recent, so raw. I was frantically searching for books on grief and widowhood at that time, and found some very helpful reads. I was not able to focus on much else. Now I am. I am (maybe compulsively) reading fiction and non fiction every night. Magazines are still hard. They are overstimulating and too unfocused, somehow. I have heard so many times that others find that easiest, but I think I really like to get absolutely sucked into a read and leave everything else behind.

Oh yes... I LOVE getting into a book and leaving the real world behind me for a few hours.   But then the book ends and I'm on looking for my next escape. :-( 



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