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Our second Camp Widow East in Myrtle Beach, SC will be here soon!  Are you planning to attend? Are you THINKING about attending?  Let's use this Forum discussion space to share the excitement. 

  • When are you arriving/departing? 
  • Want to coordinate rides from the airport?
  • Let's plan our Thursday evening Widville meetup.
  • Post your specific questions here ... and get answers!!


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I'll be there and I'm SO excited about it!  I went last year for the first time (I'm 2 years out as of New Year's Eve). 

The Thursday night get-together was a great way to connect with WV people.  It gave me some new, friendly faces to look for throughout the weekend. 

Who's joining us???


I'm thinking about it.  Not sure yet....

David & I got married just this past April in South Carolina.  So visiting the State again, on our first anniversay is going to be very very hard for me! 


Ah Twinkles - yes, I understand how hard that could be. I attended my first camp at 11 months in San Diego, a very special spot for my husband and I. There's something powerful about being with so many others who understand, so perhaps it could be a good thing to be with us on that day. And the Saturday night remembrance ceremony on the beach is really amazing.  Michele will be hosting a chat later this month to answer questions. Hope you can make that and maybe that will help you decide.

Myrtle Beach is about 200 miles closer to you, but you may want to check on the price of flights to help you decide which Camp to attend. Hope we'll see you!!

I am considering going.  I live in Denver so West could be easier to get to, but East sounds more fun, as I have never been to South Carolina.  I am worried that I might be too sad to participate in things, though.  What if I just want to mope around in my room?  I am not very fun or social these days since my beautiful Scott died 18 weeks ago today. What is the mood like at the Camp?  How many people usually come to this?  Help me someone, I don't want to be a sorrowful hermit for the rest of my life. 

I understand your concern, Petal.  It's ok to feel sad at Camp - and you won't be alone with those feelings. But it's also ok to share some laughter there, too, and I can almost guarantee that you will share some smiles. We sure don't want you to mope around in your room - and we'll do our best to help you not feel a need to do that. Both camps are amazing ... and fun. The Myrtle Beach camp is smaller, as is the host hotel, so that does make it feel more intimate. And that hotel is located right on the beach, which is a really nice. But San Diego is pretty amazing, too, and that Camp will be full of our 5 year anniversary celebrations.  I don't have the exact numbers, but I think we had about 120 at the East Coast camp and 275 at the West Coast camp. Attending Camp Widow was really helpful for me - the workshops are really good, but the face-to-face interactions with others who "get it" is priceless. I hope you'll decide to join us.


I whole-heartedly second Dianne's comments here.  I went to CWE last year at 16 months out and that Sunday was my hubby's 60th birthday.  It really is an awesome event and an amazing place.  I'm not a beach person, but I found myself walking the beach a lot between workshops.  I also met some fabulous people that I am still in touch with (like Dianne!).  I wasn't sure about the formal event on Saturday night.  I just couldn't imagine going to a dance alone.  But it was great!  I had a major meltdown on Friday night when I met a man who shared my beloved's name (Andy).  Several wonderful women (again, including Dianne!) helped me through that and I danced the night away on Saturday.  It can certainly be an emotional weekend, but it was definitely a life-changer for me. 


I'm on the west coast... What airlines fly in?

Here's a link to the Myrtle Beach airport.  Allegiant, Delta, Porter, Spirit, United & US Airways fly into Myrtle Beach. Last year I flew into Charleston, SC and did some sightseeing and then drove the 2 hours up to Myrtle Beach.

It's too bad that it is so expensive.  I only live 4 hours from MB, but the registration and hotel are just waayyy out of my budget.  :(

Susan, don't throw in the towel!  There may be camperships to help pay your registration fees and you can share a room with someone or get a cheaper motel to cut down on those expenses.  Contact Michele Neff Hernandez.  She may be able to help you.


So very pleased to hear that you're going to be able to come to CWE, Susan.  We always do an informal WV meetup on the Thursday before camp. Think we've said around 4pm ... but it goes through dinner and into the evening. Just a nice way to put faces with WV names before camp starts.


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