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I knew it was going to be down, but didn't think it would just disappear with no notice.  Many of us are not tech savvy.  I think we should have been given notice of the date when it would just be gone.  I believe it has been moved to facebook, but what about those of us not on facebook?  And if I join facebook, how do I find the chat room?  

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Yes, there is a temporary chat set up by one of the regular chatters.  I'll see if I can get into contact to her or someone that can actually help you.  I'm not sure how to find it myself.  You will need a facebook profile to do it.  This much I know.  

Thanks, Misty.  I've been in contact with Janet, who set up the facebook site.  I am really p***ed off that the administrators on this site just took it down like that.  Yes, they told us it was coming, but to just have it disappear seems rude and uncaring to me.  I really have never wanted to be on facebook, but guess I'll have to now.  Thanks again.



Being a Charter Member of the 10% club, I did not realize that we were loosing the Chat Room until I read these three notes and then looked at my banner and Darned if the Chat Room isn't missing.  I wonder what is happening? Are the powers that be remodeling the chat room software and it will return shortly in better shape?  I don't do Tweet, Face Book, or any of the others...  I sure hope someone with some horse power, replies to this post about the Chat Room Future.

For those that have never heard of the 10% club it was part of my military life, in that no matter how much something was talked about, or written about, it always seemed that there was 10% that never got the word.  I'm a charter member.   :)




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