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We're friends, not doctors, financial or legal professionals, and we're not "grief experts." But we are here, and we've been "there."

We've been sharing some good info in our Zoom sessions that other members may also find helpful.  

PBS documentary "Speaking Grief" - available through July 30

Megan Devine / Refuge in Grief - How Do You Help a Grieving Friend

What People Say When You're Grieving vs What You Hear

Shit People Say to Widowed People

Widow's Voice Blogs - you can search by topics

Michele Neff Hernandez, Executive Director, Soaring Spirits International

Michele also does a Facebook Live on Tuesdays and Thursdays; they are recorded so you can view them any time.    

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Here's more free resources shared in today's Zoom conversation:

Nick Ortner's "You Are Enough" Tapping Challenge (8 days, starting June 27):

Monique Monihan's Free Grief Yoga

Yoga Nidra to help with sleep issues

Yoga Nidra You Tube Videos

Yoga for Grief - Adriene

Virtual Camp Widow - free comfort and calm videos

We continue to have good conversations during our weekly Zoom session. Last week we talked about sleep issues, signs from our loved ones, what can be done with their clothes, selling your home, loss of a pet, volunteering, when ready to consider dating, loneliness, living alone with no one to check on us. Here's some related links:

Empathy Video:

Soaring Spirits' Share the Road Ride 2020, Virtual Edition:

Soaring Spirits' Festival of Hope FREE 18-week program:

Nora Mcinery YouTubes:

Free Wellness Check-in App (Canada):

Dragonfly Story:

The conversations continue on our twice a week Zoom calls. Here's some links you might enjoy taking a look at:

Fred Colby, Widower to Widower:

Ashley Davis Bush, Transcending Loss Facebook page:

The Greater Good Science Center Facebook page:

If you're joining us for our next two Zooms - Saturday, September 5 and/or Tuesday September 8 - bring a photo of your loved one to share with the group during our intros.

The full moon seemed to have an impact on many of our Zoom friends this past week, so we shared how we're feeling and what we do during these hard days. Anger. Tears. Feeling sad and yet still hopeful. Trying to live forward.  Doing all the 'right' things and yet still really grieving. Emotional hangover. Guilt.

Some recommendations from our Zoomers:

* Spirit Pieces, cremation jewelry and glass art:

* David Kessler's book "Finding Meaning: the Sixth Stage of Grief". He has a free related course if you buy the book or borrow it from the library:

* Their handwriting on jewelry and signs on Etsy: and

It was wonderful seeing photos of our Zoom participants' loved ones and hearing a little bit about them as we did our introductions today. We'll do this again on our Tuesday Zoom.  Here's some links shared today:

Add your special photos to a pillow:

Book recommendation:

Sign up for our FREE Festival of Hope which starts September 13:

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