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Hello, Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this. I've searched and didn't find much that is current.

I'm quite curious about Camp Widow. I have a couple of questions and just not sure where to ask so I'm asking here! First, it was 3 years on Aug 1st. Is it weird to go to camp 2 years later? Is it supposed to be for people that have a more recent loss? Second, I'm in Texas. Is there a reason I shouldn't go to the Toronto one? I guess I'm wondering if they're very regional and I'd feel strange being all the way from here. Lastly, I can only assume most 1st timers don't know anyone? Or do they usually find someone thats been before to show them the ropes and not feel so alone?

So sorry if this isn't the place for this or the questions are strange. 


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Hi Jabs, your questions are spot on! Yes, lots of people come to camp for the first time when they are 3 or more years post loss. It takes some people years to find out about camp! Also,  Lots of people don't know anyone before they get to camp. The organizers of camp work hard to have workshops especially for "first time campers" and you will meet others there and everywhere at camp. Also, we've had campers come to the various camps from as far away as Ireland and Australia. So, you will be in good company and it's perfectly appropriate to come to Toronto from Texas! Also, in the weeks leading up to camp, Dianne in Nevada or Soaring Spirits will post a group on Widowed Village to ask "So, who is coming to Camp Widow Toronto, 2019?" You will be able to see others from Widowed Village who are going to Toronto! Hope this answers some of your questions! You can send me a message if you have more questions, or you can message Soaring Spirits or Dianne in Nevada. Or, there are email links for information on the Camp Widow web site. I'm very glad you've posed these questions, it gets all of us thinking about Camp in Toronto, which will be here before we know it! 

Hi Jabs! We'd love to have you join us in Toronto ... it's actually my favorite Camp. I love the location and the smaller size, and just the city in general. We do get a larger Canadian presence at that Camp, but there will be plenty of us from America there, too. Just like at our San Diego and Tampa Camps, where we often have our Canadian friends attend. We definitely  have first-timers who attend at 2 and more years out. Some because they just never heard about our Camps and others just weren't ready to give it a try. We have a large number who come alone as first-timers and our New Camper session first thing Friday mornin gis where you get the chance to meet others just like you. I made friends here in Widowed Village and then several of us went to Camp a few months later to meet in person. It was fabulous to make those connections.

I'm planning to host a Chat Room Hour on Camp once I get back home, so watch for that. And feel free to ask more questions here or to Patience or I privately. I'll create that "Who's Going to Toronto Camp" discussion when I get home, too.

Also, I had a couple of Campers in San Diego who live in the Houston area express an interest in starting one of our regional groups. They're still thinking about it, but perhaps I can connect you by email. I'll reach out to them to see where things stand. I don't get back home until next Monday, so give me a little time and I promise to get back to you on this.



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