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I took myself out for dinner this week.  I try to do this occasionally and would like to increase the frequency to regularly.  I typically go to a neighborhood restaurant here in NOLA.  They typically have bar seating. For me it's just more comfortable to sit at the bar.  Sitting at a table alone is not good for me.  When I sit at the bar the bartenders always seem to chat with me.  Frequently there are other singles also eating at the ba.  It was such a positive experience this week, I felt almost Normal. 

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I take a good book with me when I go out. It's good to have little things we do for ourselves that help us feel, well, closer to normal at least.

I started going out to eat around 6 months, usually Saturdays, places we went to often mostly and usually sit at the bar. Almost a year now and am going a few more places, not comfortable at a table alone yet.

Eating out is very tough for me, I saw a meme online of an older gentleman eating alone with a picture of his wife on the table. Thats generally the only way I can do it, other than stopping for a slice of pizza. Eating in places that we would eat in is a no-go for me. On her birthday I usually take out appitizers from 2 of the restaurants that we went to, only way I can do it. 

Don, it is a struggle getting used to being alone. Much like everyone else in this group, I'm muddling thru somehow. Just trying to create a new normal.  

you did  not read  your  did  sept  doc  visit  go?  Must  be  hundreds  or  new  restaurants  you could  visit in  your  area  that  you  have  never  eaten in.....lots  of new  options  when you  are  ready......

Good for you, Claire.  Maybe some day I'll get to that point, but not yet.  I probably will never go back to the one or two places that we often went to. 

BTW, love the greyhounds! 

Mary, I can't explain how much these dogs have helped me after Ardell's death. They check on me if I'm down. But also force me to get out and about for their needs.   One day at a time.  That's the only way I know to get thru this. 

My current dogs aren't as perceptive as some of my former ones, but they do keep me moving some days when I'd rather not.  I'd be lost without them.  The house would be even emptier. 


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