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I finally realized that I can start a new discussion. My question is - my husband had a phone with Verizon. If I disconnect his phone, will his photos and videos and contacts still remain in the phone? Disconnecting the phone plan with Verizon only means the phone cannot access wifi, right? I know I can contact Verizon but I really don't feel like talking to them right now.


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Disconnecting the phone shouldnt effect anything saved onto the actual device.  It should only mean you dont have network service anymore like making phone calls. And the phone should still be able to connect to internet as long as you use your home wifi you shouldnt need verizon network phone service to use wifi on the phone . 

Thanks, CryinCali. I'm trying to sort the photos and videos in hubby's phone for personal storage.

Maggiepie...I am a retired engineer/computer nerd. I am very adept at retrieving things from a cell phone using a USB charger cable and a laptop. I would be very happy to assist you if you are not a techie. It is simply a matter of connecting the cell phone to a laptop or desktop computer using the USB charger cable that is compatible with the cell phone. The Windows operating system will recognize the cell phone as a storage device. If not, it will automatically go out to the Internet and find the device driver for the cell phone. Then you can treat it like a thumb (flash) drive and copy folders and files and videos over to the computer. If you need help, just provide the type of cell phone it is (LG, Samsung, Motorola, iPhone etc) and if you already have a USB cable. I will take the time to help out. Free of course :) The Contacts are a little trickier....I had to find software online to do that for my old phone when it had a dying battery. If he had it setup for automatic backups to the Verizon Cloud, then Contacts should be out there somewhere. If the Contacts are critical, I would hold off on disconnecting the phone from Verizon service until you are sure you have them in hard copy printed form.

No, I'm definitely not a techie. Someone told me to use a usb cable to connect my phone to my laptop. I did that but I could not copy/transfer the photos/videos. My phone is a Samsung J3V, model SM-J337V. The contacts are not that important. I've written down the ones that matter. I wonder if I am using the wrong USB cable. I simply used one that I had. I don't know if hubby had the phone setup for automatic backups to the Verizon Cloud. 

When I connected the phone to the laptop with the USB cable, the laptop recognized the phone. So I clicked on "Import" but the laptop only retrieved photos from the laptop and not the phone. 

Freebird, I appreciate your offer of help. Maybe, if you could let me know the correct USB charger cable to use, I could try again at this end? 

Again, thanks a million!


Thanks a gazillion! 

Firstly, apologies. I absolutely forgot that I did have trouble connecting cell and laptop. But, I had gone ahead and tried "import" anyway. It was then, I realized, the import consisted of photos from the folders in my laptop! Gosh, that was stupid. I hope I haven't wasted your time. 

Anyhow, I attach pictures again. I tried another USB cable and the same message appears - "Make sure that your device is unlocked and that you accept the notification to connect." I guess this refers to my phone? I don't know what a lock would be.  

Your instructions are very clear, thank you! 



Just to let you know. I realized that my laptop has a phone app that can link to my phone. I downloaded Your Phone Companion app onto my phone. The laptop tried to send a notification to my phone for it to acknowledge Allow. That's where the exclamation mark comes up on both laptop and phone that the final part of linking is not going through.

I am almost done going through the contacts in hubby's phone, so that will be taken care of. 

As long as the pictures and videos and texts remain in hubby's phone when the phone is no longer on a data plan with Verizon, I'm quite okay with that for now. Then, I can take my time to transfer pics/videos/texts to my laptop/thumb storage. 

Again, thank you so much for helping! 

I provided extremely detailed instructions on how to transfer files using the Windows operating system. I worked in the computer and engineering field for 26 plus years, for what that is worth. If you wish to use an untested/unknown app instead, that clearly fails, by all means do so. I cannot help with that. Not being snarky, but I took the time to explain the process using the obvious tools available. Please ask a local computer savvy person how to troubleshoot the YPC app error message. Good luck :)

Yes, you did an awesome job of offering help and making great effort to be extremely detailed so that I could resolve the issue at my end. When I saw "Your Phone" on my laptop after I clicked on the "start" (four colors) in the bottom left corner of my screen, I thought that seemed reasonable to open. I did not even think it was an app. I guess I thought, maybe, my computer is set up differently. I am not definitely not "computer-minded".

Again, please know that I am very grateful for your touching gesture of help. Thank you very much.


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