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I've read over and over how much it helps.  I've given it a try but have thrown it to the side.  My journals seem to turn into letters to Jerry that leave me sobbing, not sure how much that helps.  

If you journal how has it helped?  Would you recommend I keep trying?  Do your journals end up as letters that will never get read or have you set a different tempo for them?  

I feel as if all of my previous positivity is slipping away, and I'm grasping at straws to hang on to being positive and having a healthy outlook.  

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I don't do a daily one but I started a few months after my wife passed writing down how things are going for us.  I do it about once a week or so.  It helps a little.

I've journaled on and off over the years. I decided to turn the remaining pages of the guest book from my partner's memorial into a grief & healing journal. Yes, sometimes they are letters, or at least I'm writing to Skip. Other days, I'm pouring out my anger, fear, frustration. Sometimes I make art or write poetry in there. And sometimes I don't- sometimes I just cry, sometimes I don't even touch the journal for the day.

Hi Melissa,

I really like the idea of filling the pages of the guest book, I hope you don't mind if I borrow it.

Not at all. It's been healing for me to link the two, sort of a "this is one way I'm continuing my connection with my partner."

I have a journal that I have been using for 3 months. It is more of my thoughts to my wife. I was unsure about it, so I ask my therapist about it and he said it was healthy for me to do. I had my doubts but it seems to help me get things off my chest and sometime look back at what I wrote.

I am hoping as time goes on it would include some happy memories as well.

I love journaling but yes, since my LH passed my sessions have been turning into letters/conversations to him. Do what feels natural. It's therapeutic for our mind and body to get those feelings and emotions out so I would do it as long as it feels good and natural. Another version of journaling I have been trying is called Future Self Journaling and it has been helpful in allowing me to focus on self awareness during this time and the person I am growing into as I evolve on this journey. Best of luck to you!

I write Michael a letter every day telling him all the little things I would've told him, ranting when I need to, updates on the kids. It helps most days.

A journal?  Now that's an idea!

I have never thought of that.

I need something!

I think I am going nuts!


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