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   How do you go about being a Grandma without my husband there ? He wold have been the worlds best Grandpa! We have often talked about the day when our son and his wife, Kristin, would have a baby. Let me back up a bit... 

   Paul passed on Dec. 7, 2016 ... My son and Daughter in law announced that they were expecting on Easter 2017....  Ever since then I have wondered how to let my Grandchild, someday know all about their Grandpa who loved them before they were ever even thought of.

   I'm more than happy to receive any and all ideas !

Grandma to Be,


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Congratulations Susan. Grandchildren are such a blessing and joy. My DH passed nearly 3 weeks ago and my grandschildren (and dog!) give me a reason to get up in the morning. There is nothing like grandparenthood.

I feel grandpa will be with his grandchild, not physically but in spirit, when they are born and throughout their life.

I'm sure when the grandchild is older, you will be able to share your memories, photos and anecdotes. Do you have a video or DVD of him you can keep to share? Your son will also pass down his memories of his dad.

What an exciting time you have ahead. x

Thank You Lindi,

   I DO have videos. :-)  And LOADS of pictures :-)


Along with pictures, stories. My youngest granddaughter was only five months old when her Pop-pop died. Fortunately, the older two continue to talk about him as do I. Great that you have videos too. When your grandchild is old enough, make sure you tell him/her how much he was looking forward to their arrival. I am sorry for your loss and I can understand how it can hurt not having your husband there to share in your joy. I can tell you though, having a young one around really helped me in those early months. It kind of gives you something else to focus upon. I hope you enjoy your new grandchild!

HI Callie,

   I'm well known in the family to have pictures and videos of just about every occasion.  But my BAD habit is not taking the time to put them all in photo albums. 

   Thanks for your reply :-) 



Hi from another Susan. I became a grandma for the first time in October of 2015, two months after my husband passed. It was a difficult time for my daughter being pregnant and losing her father at the same time. But once my grandson was born I really had a unique opportunity to spend a lot of time with him and help my daughter out because they all lived with us, including my daughters fiancé. My grandson has been a godsend to me, such a source of joy. I don't how how I would have made it without him, frankly. Having a baby and now a toddler in the house has kept me on my toes and engaged with the world, even if some days it's only the world inside my house. I also became more involved at work. But I often was sad because my husband was not sharing this experience with me that we had so often talked about with anticipation. There was just no way around that. He was the one in particular who said he couldn't wait for our grandkids. I know he would have been a fabulous grandpa. It seems so unfair. But then life gets busy again and I just try to make the best of it. Anyway, congratulations and good luck!

Good Morning Susan,

   It sounds like our husbands' would have made wonderful Grandpas.  ... I'm looking Very Forward to the baby ! It will be wonderful!

   Thank You for the congratulations !

   It sounds like your Grandson is also your salvation. :-) 



We had 3 daughters our 2nd daughter gave us our first grandchild a perfect little baby boy 10 months after we lost Mike.  We tell MJ all about his grandpa and how much grandpa loves him and that he looks like his grandpa.  At 5 months old whenever we talk about his grandpa this little boy smiles and laughs.  He has a picture of Mike by his crib. MJ's dad never knew his father. This little boy will grow up just like I did without a grandpa but he will have 2 grandmas that have more than enough love than any child will ever need.  Growing up I only knew what my grandfathers looked my dads mother had a picture on the wall and mom had a picture of her dad in a drawer I saw once when I was little neither my grandmothers or my parents spoke about them and I never felt like I could ask.. To me as a child I felt like I was missing something all my other friends had at least 1 grandfather.  My grandson will know everything from good and bad about his grandpa Mike so that to him it would feel like he has known him all his life.

Hi Lee,

   Thank You for the reply... You gave a lot to think about and things to do. Like picking out the Perfect Pictures for the Baby's Room ;-) 

Warmest Regards,


My husband and I together had 22 grandchildren. Two were born after he died, but I know my sons will keep his memories alive for  them. He was a terrific Grandpa and all the kids still share special memories of him which is heartwarming. It unfortunately has taken me 4 years to start being the grandma these wonderful kids deserve. I am making a real effort this summer to make up time lost the last 4 years and enjoying every minute of it. Of course it is a lot of work, especially caring for the babies, out of practice and shape. It will never be the same but they are all growing up so quickly I don't want to loose another minute. They love coming here where we have lived for over 32 years, like their 2nd home, safe, secure and happy times. They deserve to have that back.

Hi Judy,

   Thank You for your words.  They help more than you know.



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