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During today's Widowed Village Zoom call, we discussed things we could do to fill our days. Maybe something we used to enjoy doing that we haven't done since our loss. "Curiosity is your friend", as Jenny said. Google things that you might be interested in and see what may be offered out there. There are lots of free offerings these days for you to check out.

Here's some of my favorites:

  • I've participated in several of Jennifer Belthoff's Love Notes Postcard Projects and she's offering Loveplus other free classes that you might find worthwhile.  Here's a link to her website: - the free classes can be found under the 'Events' tab
  • Kathy Wilkins and her sister, Melody Ross,created Brave Girls Club. I attended a couple of Brave Girl Camps and their Symposiums in Idaho but Brave Girls has since disbanded. Kathy and her daughters, Kallie & Chelsea, started Haven Place and I attended their first retreat in January. They are offering some great freebies.  Here's a link to see their free offerings:   Sign up for their newsletter email and you'll get the freebies in your inbox.
  • I found Joanne Fink on Facebook and later met her at Camp Widow. She offers some free videos for you to try her coloring, creating, patterning:   Joanne is widowed and also offers this grief resource:
  • We offered some free resources during our Virtual Camp Widow in March that you can access here:
  • MeetUp can be a great spot to find others who share your interests.

If you've found some free resources, please share in the comments below for others to take a look at.

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Dianne - thank you so much for posting - especially the "Resources for Comfort and Calm" from Camp Widow. These are great and I never came across that page! I wish I had something that helpful to add. But, maybe this will help as well. I really like watching animal live streams for a break - you never know what you'll see. There are so many of them that I just posted the search:

I also recommend phone apps that are webcam related - late at night its interesting to see other parts of the world and what is going on. Like a rubber factory in Taiwan or something! The one I have is called "Earth Online" but there are tons of them. I remember looking around at Christmas seeing how other countries decorate.


Thanks, Bill.  I never thought about those searching for animal livestreams - love them!  And what a great idea to look at live webcams from other parts of the world. Just downloaded the Earth Online app.

Hi Dianne,

What was the link for that practice that you couldn't remember the correct pronunciation? It really seems like something that I would find helpful.

Thank you,


That's Jennifer Belthoff - the first link I listed above. She's offering 3 different free classes and has them scheduled each week. There's a Qiqong class today at 11:30 your time (she's in New Jersey).  Here's a direct link to her event page:


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