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Thanks Chris. I always had dogs, but I like cats too and think an older rescue is an excellent idea.

Oh so pleased you might think about a senior rescue, so many wonderful older dogs/cats get dumped for a younger version. I love pups but man I old mature dogs but are chilled out.


My 90 year-old neighbor just had to put down her 15-year-old dog which she got after her husband died.  She is looking for a new one!  She has a terrible back problem and has CNAs in round the clock, and a dog-walker.  She wants a dog already trained, calm (i.e not a puppy) and tall enough she can pet while she's in her recliner.  She is calling the shelters to explain her situation and ask for recommendations.  I was surprised at first but then I understood.

I have a dog, almost 4, and content with that.  (I'm almost 60 but have back and hip problems; I limp along walking every day with him; I know it is good for me even though painful sometimes.)  I keep in touch with friends and neighbors but don't feel the need to go out and socialize.  But I've been an introvert for much of my life. I have hobbies, gardening, piano, many other projects I start and have a hard time finishing.  But my dog gives me structure to my days and love.  And makes me smile, gives me someone to talk to besides myself and late loved ones.   I have a couple close long-distance friends that I really appreciate.  Maybe you and your friend can make phone dates?  And consider a pet?  I think I would feel lonely without my dog.

My husband died oct 2016 but I had molly my older beagle. She died last July. It was lonely in the house and no one to make me not sit around at night and weekends. So in Aug 2016 I went to the humane society and found Rowan a mix who is 12 years old. His prior owner decided when she got pregnant that she did not want him anymore. He is perfect he loves walks and is so happy when we go on one. As walks are good for everyone it works out. But he does not need as much human playing and such as a younger dog. He has a heart murmur but the vet says I will have him for another 3 years if all goes well. He is a blessing. So yes go for an older dog not many people adopt them and they have so much to give.

Oh thats so awesome, and you are right if my dogs weren't here I would hardly get out of bed in the morning let alone walk but I try for an hours walk each day up the forest were we all used to walk it's nice. I agree the older dogs have so much to give, I used to be at SPCA here adopting dogs out and the older ones seemed to know and be so grateful for a home.

Greetings to my widowed sisters and brothers - my name is Kitty. I've been widowed since 2012, after thirty years of marriage. I have three grown daughters who are such a blessing and comfort. My home is in Southeast Florida, close to the ocean. Since being widowed, I have worked through some real challenges and I  like to think I'm getting smarter and stronger. Recently, I got my CPC certification, with the intention of working exclusively with widows. Needless to say, south FL is a good place to do this kind of work; I think most of the retired people here are widows! You can find me on Twitter @widowlifecoach. But that's not why I'm here now; I really do still need to get some refreshment every now and then, from other widowed people, who "get it." So thank you for being here!

Thank you for adding me to your site. I lost the love of my life 32 days ago from leukemia.
My wife Asha was everything to me.
She was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago and ended up having a lung removed. She was cancer free for 2 years. Last November she had a blood clot in her leg. She was told that she had leukemia at that time. I took off work to care for her. I told her what ever she went through I would be there with her.
We did everything together. Every Drs appointment, every test...everything..
God I miss her so bad.
The hardest thing I ever had to do was to tell her that she can rest now. I kissed her as she took her last breath. :-(

Dan, so sorry for your loss. Same way with my husband and me, I was with him through everything. Hardest thing anyone ever has to do it tell someone it's ok to go.

It was the same for myself and my husband.  We did everything together and I mean everything, pretty much 24/7 and were together for 25 years up until his last moment. I was still "in love" with him.  The hardest, most devastating and desperate feeling is the missing him so much it actually nauseates me.  Thank god for my kids, otherwise, I am not sure where I would be.

It has been 7 months and there is more joy, but the part of missing him is not easier, for me it is harder as each day passes. 

I'm so sorry for your loss, my husband and I were together 24/7 for 33 yrs as we ran out own business together. Once he got sick I cared for him and as all appointments were 1-2 hrs drive away I was his full time driver so with him for every appointment. I fought like a she a she-wolf when they said he couldn't leave hospital but I got him home to the farm and his dog. I also had to tell him it was OK for him to go tramp the clouds in heaven and if his old dog came for him it was OK for him to go with him. Broke me to lose him, sending hugs

My wife refused to take her second round of chemo unless she got to see her "baby girl princess angel" which is a 160lb bloodhound. She got to see her. That pup is what got her determined to get well enough to get home. She was home 5 weeks until she had a massive stroke. I promised my wife I would take care of her baby. She's laying beside me right now snoozing.


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