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     I gained the title of "widow" on January 2, 2018, when my Prince Charming was killed in a work accident at a grain elevator. We had only begun our Happily Ever After, having just gotten married on September 8, 2017. We're 32 - his birthday is 2 weeks before mine. Our wedding day is exactly between our two birthdays. And it's mathematical (9 + 8 = 17). We were in the same math class my freshman year of high school, so the importance of that date isn't coincidental.

     Marcus was my first boyfriend in high school. My first kiss. My first love. I moved away and broke up with him because of the distance. We were 16. Through the power of the internet, we sporadically kept in touch through our 20's. We fought and vanquished many demons during our time apart. He messaged me in the fall after we turned 30 and we soon started dating. At that point, we were invincible. We built each other up in ways that the people in our lives have been amazed by. 

     Then tragedy struck. I will never forget that day; though so much of it is a blur, it's also crystal clear. It plays in slow motion in my head when I let my thoughts wander there.

     Outside of my widowhood, I am a mom of two beautiful kids from my first marriage. They keep me going. I also love to crochet. I'm reading again, and writing. I am an avid animal lover and have too many pets :) I have a very strong relationship with God and Jesus and it is through Him that I've made it this far.

     I am so thankful to have found Widville! I am the only young widow I know in my community, so I'm thankful to be able to reach out to others online. I feel so isolated at times. Through this tragedy, I've also lost my best friend, as she apparently couldn't handle the pressure of supporting me in my time of need, though I was expected to drop everything to come to her aide whenever anything befell her.

Hello, Widvillagers!


So sorry for your loss. I, too, was married to my HS sweetheart and lost him suddenly to an accident also. It has been just over 15 months for me, and I miss him every day. We were married 30 years, but I still feel young at 51. It is up and down - good days and bad. Stay strong and seek out support such as these sites, but there is a wealth of information and friends who "get it." Practice self-care - move on from those people who can aid you right now. You really don't need to deal with that. Focus on yourself. God bless you. 

Hi, my name is Leonie. My husband, Ryan, passed away in January. We were on vacation in Mexico and he drowned while out kayaking. 10 weeks earlier we had welcomed our 2nd daughter. In the past months we moved to Michigan from California to be closer to family and I started a new job. It is hard meeting new people all the time who never knew him. It feels that I can’t really talk about him or what happened. 

Knowing there are so many of us who have experienced an awful loss, others who “get it,” somehow brings a little comfort.

Rainbow, I'm so sorry you've had to find us.  I hope you'll find WV as comforting as I have.

Hi, my name is Ann and I am Scottish. Has been 6 months since my husband passed suddenly and unexpectedly last November of 2017. Nothing in life has prepared me for this pain and loss of my best friend.

hugs Ann

My name is Sean. I lost my wife, Patty, 79 days ago. She died right in front of me at our home. She was smiling at me one moment calling me to her to tell me something then she was gone, forever. It is now just me and our two dogs. Coming home after work and seeing her here or being home when she got home from work use to be one of my favorite things; now it is something I dread everyday. 

I am so sorry for your loss.

My experience was similar, with my husband dying in my arms, I was trying to help him stand up at the time.  I too dread coming home each day.  It gets better, not perfect but better with some time.

Remember the dogs are there and still need you, to them, you are their "Everything."

Yes, Sean, those days at the end of the day are sure difficult.

I quit working FT after I married my husband. After I gave birth to our son, I was lucky enough to work for my friend's firm and she let me worked PT from home with no fixed schedule. My years as a stay home wife, the highlight of my day was to welcome my sweetheart to come home from work. Either I was in the kitchen making dinner or I was all dressed up to wait for him to pick me up to go out for dinner. I gave him bear hugs when he walked into the door. I chase him into our bedroom and he threw me his dirty socks. We kissed. We hugged. Then we ate and talked about our days.

When my husband died from a sudden illness 2.5 years ago, every evening around 7pm hit me the hardest. My other living moment was difficult enough but waiting for nothing to come home to at 7pm was the worst. That yearning haunted me over a year. Now I am pretty much numb but every so often I comment to my toddler about how he and I used to wait for daddy to come home around dinner time. 

It's hard, I am not going to lie. Especially if you and your spouse shared a loving relationship, the pain will linger. I met my husband young in college. Were madly in love for over 15 years. He was basically my lost twin for we thought alike with almost identical values about everything. After 2.5 years, I still cry and miss him terribly. I don't know if my days are "better" but I sure get used to my life without him. Numb is the word I describe my emotion.

I am so sorry about your loss, Sean. 

Condolences on the loss of your Patty, Sean.  We who have lost a mate have, IMHO, have lost a part of ourselves.  May you have adequate support to navigate the changes and adjustments that lie ahead.



I joined this site a short while ago.  It was suggested to me by a friend who had her husband pass over and needed help as she dealt with that and the life she now had to live.  It is difficult for me to share much as I am a very private person.  So I may not post much though I will read a lot.

My husband passed over on May 2nd of this year. We knew that his time here was limited. We knew his was going to be before mine. He had some genetic disorder (research has not yet found why so we had no name but knew it was not in his head) that caused his muscles to not be able to use but a portion of the 'energy' in his blood.  Thus he continued to weaken.  He pushed to live as fully as he could and though I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, which both come with other difficulties, we made do. Everyone has their challenges in life, these were ours.  We made it through to the time he could not push through any longer. 

As for me personally, I am a gamer. For those who may not know, a gamer is one who plays computer games such as Zelda, Fable, World of Warcraft, to name a few.  I do not play those however.  I love to write stories so became a role player in the game The Elder Scrolls Online.  I have made some very close friends in the past couple years which have been a blessing during this time as they are there for me.  

I have two dogs who are very sensitive, such that they could be service dogs but have not given them any training to be such. Moose is the most sensitive and gets upset when I cry.  He loves me and does not want to see me upset.  Bear mothers me. ;)

I have 6 children and 10 almost 11 grandchildren.  They have given me alot of support also.  

Since this is to be an introduction I will stop now.  I will read more of the postings and add to different ones there.  

Thank you for taking time to read this and may blessings come to those of us here.

hugs, Snow


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