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Hello Tekwriter

i am so sorry for your loss. It is all so raw for you, being only two months since you lost your husband. I lost my Phil in March 2017 and I still feel so desperately sad. We have two children, Mike and Sammi, and we all look after each other. Phil and I had been married for nearly 36 years and I miss him so much. I feel that I am becoming a bit of a hermit, not wanting to go far from the house. Phil was only 56 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, only 7 weeks before he passed away. It was such a shock. Life will never be the same.

do you have some good friends who will ‘look out’ for you? I have a few but many people have disappointed me. Hopefully you will have some people to talk to as it is very lonely. I am lucky that my daughter still lives with me and my son lives only 2 minutes away in the car.

i hope you find some comfort and friendship from people on this site. It helps to know that you are not alone. I feel that only people who have gone through such a loss as ours, truly understand how we are feeling.


I know where you're coming from. I have a very similar situation and experience. I feel the same way.I lost my best friend and the love of my life. Life is so desolate right now. I feel sad everyday.I pray that someday the intense feeling of pain and loss will subside. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. 

I hope you get some help from this site. Everyone has been so positive and supportive. I hope it helps and strengthens you. It is nice to know there are wonderful people out there who will understand and help you on your new path. It has made a difference for me to know that I am not alone in this. I feel so fortunate to have found this site.  I hope you find comfort and peace. Bless you!


Hi, I’m Amy. I became a widow on March 14 when my husband collapsed on the floor of our kitchen and we never got him back. We have 7 children together ranging in age from 7 to 20. We had been married 21 years.

Amy, so sorry for your loss and in such a obvious traumatic experience. Any loss is horrendous but Helen and I knew what was about to happen, losing your husband in that manner must have so so bad, and so so bad for your young children.  I am glad that you have found us here and I hope you get the comfort and support that I have received since I lost my Helen 12 months ago. The only advice I can give is to let your thoughts out here, it is going to be difficult to stay strong for your children without having an outlet.  Hopefully you will have friends and family that you can talk too, but I have found that if others have not experienced the loss that you have they nod and sympathize but will seem uncomfortable and a little lost. Here at WV we know how bad it is, don't let those thoughts fester and wheel around in your head get it out of your head and onto paper. Love and peace to you Amy, Ray


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