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I was widowed in December 2008; my husband died of small bowel cancer after a 3mos battle.  I was 49 with 4 children, youngest was 14.  We have come a long way.  But, on hard or sad days, I miss my husband so very much.  I work full time which is like therapy to me.  I have 4 grandsons I see 1-2 times a yr because they live out of state.  I would love to connect with others in the Washington DC metro area where I live.  I am open to re-marriage if God wills it for me.  I rely on my Catholic faith each and every day.  And try to be as joyful and grateful as possible every day too!


I'm with you. I'm 51 myself working full time and raising kids keeps one pretty busy, yet it also keeps !e from dwelling on loss. Glad to hear you have kept your faith, I try to always remind us what we have not what we've lost.


I'm new here. I lost my husband after a 10 year battle COPD on January 2 2019. My husband was 61 and I'm 45. Live in Oregon. I'm trying very hard to understand all the things and emotions happening. I'm  guessing this is what the fog feels like and survival mode. My husband was also a 13 year Army Veteran. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten any signs from their loved ones after their passing? Thank you

Ozzy, so sorry you have had to join this club I am into 21 months since I lost my brave Helen.  I am sure I did have some signs in the first few days after I lost Helen.  Some people have said that it was just imagination, they can think what they like I know what I know. 

I must admit I have not had anything after those first few days but that does not stop me from anticipating that Helen will show me the way when I need it most. 

I wrote just the other day on another forum on this site (if you could choose one song to express how you feel after the death of your spouse), that just after I lost Helen a friend of mine wrote a song about "Signs" after listening to a discussion I had been involved in regarding looking for signs.

Ozzy I hope you get as much strength from WW as I have.  Ray

Thank you so much. One song I listen to a lot is Heaven needed a Hero. My husband was also a 13 year Army Veteran.

Abigail, welcome to the group that none of us ever wanted to join. I am so very sorry for your loss and especially that you both are of the age where this should never happen. My thoughts are with you and your daughter. It is initially very daunting to navigate this world without your partner. Do you have friends or relatives close to you that can give you some help? You said something very important at the close of your post, that your Greg will gently shift you in the right direction. That really hit home because I am convinced that my husband has done the same for me since he died. I believe that you can trust that he is watching over you both. I wish the best for you and am sending you hugs.

Hello, I am a new member. I lost my wife two years ago. We were together 37 years and had a wonderful marriage. She had lots of health problems her last few years. A year before she died she had a surgery that she never recovered from. She spent a lot of time in hospitals and needed lots of care when at home. She was on hospice the final month. Losing her was devastating for me for a long time. I have been through a few local support groups and continue still. I have also had some grief counseling. I am at the point now where I want to move on with my new life. I recently tried dating but my grief was still getting in the way. I have been having a real hard time with the conflicting concepts of letting go while continuing to love her.

Timbers, I am so sorry for your loss. That is a difficult situation that I'm sure many on here can identify with. How to move on while honoring your lost loved one. I am impatient to begin my new life as well, but it seems as if it keeps moving further with each step I take towards it. I think the message is that it is a process that never really ends, it just gets a little easier with each step.

I hope you attain some contentment in your quest for a new life. I think that being true to your loved one and seeking a new source of happiness can exist together. It is some formula that we yet have to discover.

Take care.

I was widowed May 2019. My husband was scheduled for heart valve replacement surgery. He died waiting for insurance to approve the surgery. We had just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. My father also died in February 2019, so last year was very difficult for me and my two twenty-something year old children. Last year ended with the birth of our first grandchild. The baby is a blessing, but I mourn the fact that my husband didn't get to meet the baby.

Sorry-my husband and dad both died in 2018. I’ve had horrible brain fog since my husband died.

bookworm23, I am so sorry for your losses. Such a tragedy regarding your husband's surgery. That should never happen. I knew you meant 2018. We get so used to intentionally remembering to write 2019, that sometimes we forget that's not what we mean.

Enjoy your grandbaby. They are a joy and reminder that there is new life, however hopeless things tends to feel.

Hugs to you in your healing.


I joined the other day as I lost my fiance to an overdose in May 2017. 

He had problems but he was a great man. 


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