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Amisteratwisterandme, that is a mouthful for sure. I am so very sorry for your loss. It must be so difficult to conceive of what happened following what should have been a routine surgery. It is a struggle when you have such a special relationship. It is a special understanding that you have as a couple outside the boundaries of the bustling world. I had that too with my husband.

Grief is the one thing I discovered that cannot be rushed. I am always in a hurry and like things to be resolved and tied up in a neat knot. Grief was the one thing I was not able to do that with. It was a hard, but very important lesson for me.

I wish you the best in your healing. I am sending virtual hugs your way.

Hi. I'm Beth from Rockford, IL. I'm recently widowed (only 3 1/2 mo) and have 3 young children, all age 4 and under. My husband's passing was completely unexpected. Accidental injury at home. We've been together for 12 years, married for 4. I am taking his death extremely hard for a number of reasons, most being that he gave me a good chance at life myself and giving me the family I've always wanted. He accepted me for me with all my problems and now he's gone. My kids are the only thing keeping me going.  

It's time to dive in the Widowed Village pool and see what this is all about support wise that is.

Me?  I lost my wife on Feb. 19, 2014.  She passed away in her sleep due to complications with her breathing disorder (COPD) worsen by having bronchitis.

My life has being going downhill since then.  Other than not having any life insurance (I was a young 52 and the need for such insurance never crossed our minds), the first slap in the face I got was from our friends at Social Security.  We were both disabled and collecting SSDI.  Social Security decided to cut my benefits as the claim to have lost my information.  I've been fighting them ever since to get it back as being disabled and not able to work doesn't pay any bills.  I was forced to move back to Texas From Oklahoma to live with my parents.  I can't stand it here and have PTSD and severe depression.  To make thing worse, in the past couple of years I've experience congestive heart failure and broke one of my ankles too.  I'm seeing a therapist sometimes which only helps so much so I'm falling apart.


I can only imagine how your life has been since that fatal day in 2014.  Loosing your source of income and have to move to another state and back in with your parents, it must be so frustrating.  I lost my wife very suddenly on January 20, 2017.  As I have been going through this I have come across others who have had to move because they could no longer afford to live where they were living.  I have often though how depressing all of that must be.  Then to hear of your medical problems on top of everything else oh my, I can understand why you feel so depressed.  If you feel up to it write me back sometime and maybe we can compare notes.


Life keeps falling down for me Larry.  The biggest issue that makes living my parents at almost 57 years old is transportation issues.  As I was still making payments on my van at the time of losing Social Security I had to give it back to the dealership chain.  Dad is a brain damaged (for real) control freak who limits when and to where I can take on of his cars.  I've blown up with him a few times over this as he insisted driving me to doctor appointments and such.  I put an end to this has his driving ability is downright scary.  This is part of why I haven't seen a doctor about my heart or anything else since last year.  However he has changed his ways this year as he has learned that he can't control me.  Unfortunately I am not motivated to seek out doctors despites having a leaking heart.  Life is just a dark tunnel for me with no light at the end.  I've given up.

To explain more of why I don't care much about myself my wife is not the only one I've lost in the past 5 years.  Both of her parents passed away within two years of her death.  Since then I've lost a cousin to suicided.  To make things that much worse, my oldest step-daughter died from cancer last year.

More lack of motivation comes from being burned out at spending 5 years trying to find help but to always be shut out for one reason or another.  Due to my disabilities and such I haven't worked in 10 years.  Finding some one to hire me has been impossible so far especially since I don't have 100% reliable transportation.


I can fully understand the frustration that you are feeling.  Not having any transportation of you own and a lack of money I am sure really help to keep you down.  The biggest problem that I face is the lack of people that I have around me.  In beginning when all of this first started I had several people that were good about calling me but as time went on and as they saw that I was not getting better as they would have liked one by one they all quit calling.  I went through a Greif Share program that lasted for 13 Tuesdays shortly after my wife died and I made a good friend through that group.  We talked a lot until about 3 months ago when she started dating a new guy and now she has little time available to talk to me.  Some weeks I will not see any one that I personally know except when going to church on Sundays.  Like you, my biggest problem is a lack of motivation.  As I said earlier I lost my wife very suddenly and therefore I had no time to prepare even after the doctors had assured us that she was going to be fine. 

Is there no way that you can get your disability reinstated? 

Write when you feel the desire.


Hi all, I'm Melissa. My pronouns are ze/zir. I'm just past the 2 month anniversary of losing my partner, Skip. And I'm tired. Just...really tired today.

Hello, my name is Tracy. I'm 42, and I live in NC. My husband died on April 30th after a 9 month battle with kidney cancer. He was only 35. He was the step-father to my four children aged 22, 18, 17, and 10. He was a Sheriff Deputy K9 handler. 

I'm not doing very well, and I'm not interested in going to therapy. I thought I'd look for an Online community to listen to and maybe even talk to. I figure everything I'm going through is normal - I'm glancing through some of your posts, and I already see many similarities. Hopefully I'll find some sort of comfort here. 

I'm sorry you have to be here, Tracy.  What area of NC do you live in?  I am in Durham.

I'm about 1.5 hrs west of you. My husband's treatment was at Duke. My daughter lives up your way in Cary - she just graduated from State. It's nice to meet you. 


You must be closer over to my way.  I live in Charlotte.  I know all of this must be so difficult for you.  I lost my wife in January 2017 and I am still trying to recover.  I hope you will find some support from this group.


I'm in Lexington, about an hour from Charlotte. I went to UNCC back in the 90s. It's nice to meet you, and I'm sorry for your loss. 


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