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Hi Donald,

I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my husband Doug to Brain cancer a year ago.  No words for the heartache.

This site has helped me.  I hope it will do the same for you. 

A big hug to you from New Jersey

Hi Ray

Thank you and the same to you. So very hard on me have no idea.   I am new to this site and trying to make friend and talk to them.  Hi from Queens NY.  Donald

Hi Lisa thank you so much.  There are no words for a lost of a loved mate.  I trying but very hard to deal with.  I am on this for help and understand to help me as well as other on this site. Donald

I am trying too come on here as much as I can.  I messaged a lot of people on here  I have got some help and willing to discussion on there. I am still suffer from losing my wife of cancer.  I did join Grief Share only two were widows. It was a mixed crowd.  My family been so great helping me out to know end. I know some never get over this. I feel try to find love again.  I am trying to find answers with other how they are feeling about being widow.   

Hi. Not sure if we are supposed to use our real names or user names. My user name is Sophia. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 14. I was devastated. I have good days and bad days, up and down. I have friends and relatives and two adult children who have supported me tremendously, as has my church and management where I work, but my biggest problem right now is no longer having my best friend to hang out with, no longer having someone to make decisions with, no longer having someone to share the chores with. Being alone frightens me. My daughter is going back to college this week and I know it will be tough - just me and the dog and cat.  I'm looking forward to being a part of this group.


It is going on 4 years for me.  I feel exactly the same way you do.  Someone to make decisions with, share chores, especially mechanical issues with the house.  Lonely, going to dinner by yourself or just going to a movie.  I have no biological children, although we were married 41 years, only step children, and only one keeps in touch with me.

This is the hand we are dealt and we will find a way.  But when you need your spouse in time of need it's isolating, lonely, depressing.  I am not good with large crowds and trying to get know someone.   I am better with conversation one on one.

It's very fresh for you, I am sure you still have many financial and/or decisons to make.  Good luck.  It's a difficult road for all of us.

Hi Sophia my wife died June of last year of cancer as my wife suffered so much before she died.  It so hard to be alone and do things alone. I do have support from my family.  I did join Grief Share mixed group. Only two in the group was a widow. There is a group for seniors widows only and going to try it.  I know your still hurting just like I am now.  It nice to have one to one with someone sharing there lost.  Yes I sure did have to do many things and some were very heart breaking to me.  I hope to hear from you soon Sophia. Donald


That is a long time for me as lost my wife June suffering from cancer.  I is very to make decisions as carrying the whole load and stiff suffering so very bad like you Sophia.  We had no children as well.  

I am trying but have not found it.  Too last my spouse very lonely so depressing as you Sophia.   I feel like  a third wheel with my family and crowds. The road is very rock road having to carry it all alone.  I really miss all the good times we shared.  We both had some bad times but always for gave each other.  I liked your message as I hope to here from you again.  Donald

Hi, I'm Phyllis.  My husband died August 27th, 2019.He was 87.  He had  bladder cancer, a heart condition, and a host of other things that made me waken each morning wondering if this was the day I'd lose him. We were married 62 and a half years.  I will be 85 next month.  I have been a professional classical pianist all my life and teach students privately.

Hello Phyllis as lost my wife of cancer also last June. So very hard being alone with out your loved one with you. I hope you do better and like to hear from you again.  Donald

I am still going though a very hard time since my wife died in June of last year of cancer.  I feel all of you are feeling the pain as I am.   I find myself talking and seeing her once I unlock the door and enter my place. 

I am still on the rocky road being so very down. It going to take a very long time IF I can ever get over my wife suffering from cancer.  The only ones that understand me like you do.   Donald


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