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Dear Raebee, 

I have been on and off the site due to my now crazy schedule.  The date 21 caught my attention.  21 and especially March 21, the day in 2014 when my soul mate passed on from Scikle Cell Anemia blood disorder.  Life has not been the same since then it time is what you need most.  Give it time and you will gradually find your new normal which only you are can determine.  No one else.   Try and start taking baby steps to your new normal and do not let anyone judge you.  I wish you better days ahead.  

Hi Raebee. I am so very sorry for your loss. It is an adjustment to have a sudden loss, such as yours and mine. I hope this site and the people on it are a support to you in your healing. The age of 58 is young and almost 34 years is a long marriage, which I'm sure feels devastating for you. I don't think there is any amount of preparation timewise for such a loss.

Hugs and healing to you.

Thank you so much. :)

My name is Ryan.  I lost my wife on 3-1-18.  I heard of this group through a Ted Talk a friend shared with me.  Thank you for building this community.  It seems to be filled with the support people need in such tough times.

Welcome, Ryan.  Glad you found us and hope we can be of some comfort and help.

Aloha Ryan, sorry you are here as well but glad you found this community.  We all were when we did after our loss.  We are the only ones that really understand what we are going through.  The chat room is a very useful place to connect with a lot of Support.  Use it when you can.  There are very many great people in there.  See you there sometime.   

Ryan, I am so sorry for your recent loss. You have come to the best place to share your thoughts and grief. I hope that you feel free to share and grieve with us. As we are all at different stages of our losses, we have much to share.

Peace and hugs to you.

Rabee, Ryan and everyone with recent loss. Hi Damianino.

I do not post much anymore but I still remember the distinct pain. This year, this month May 20 would have been our 40 year anniversary.  We were married 33 years, three months, 26 days, twelve hours and 44 minutes. He was 57 and died from cancer in 2011..  My life is not the same but I have learnt to push myself along. My daughter is forever changed and is dragging herself along too. My son is better. My wish for everyone on this site is to find peace and courage.  Sometimes I feel great and proud of myself and other times not so much. Please remember to be kind to yourself and do not expect that you will recover at the same speed as other people.  It is a very complicated experience.

Peace be with u. 

Thank you so much. One minute I'm ok, the next minute I'm totally down. I'm so tired of the swings in emotions and being by myself. I don't think the Lord meant for me to be heart is so broken.

It's been almost 4 months for me, today I woke up feeling great and it has stayed with me throughout a very tough shift at work.  Most days I ride a rollercoaster of emotions, but not today.

Take YOUR time Raebee, because it is your time.

Here's hoping I finish the week on a good note and can enjoy Mother's Day.  And the same hope for all of our Mother's out there.

I feel the same way. It has been ten months for me and some days are good and some days are really bad. My heart has been heavy for 10 months. Only god can help us through this. I pray that god gives us peace.

Thank you so much for your kindness. <3


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