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In the early stages of my grief, I was wandering around in a trance-like fog simply feeling lost and pretty destroyed as a result of losing my husband.  It was as if I died with him but I was left behind.

During this time, I was scouting the bargain racks at a neighborhood Barnes and Noble and saw a book called, When God Winks at You:  How The Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life.  I read the first story and it peaked my curiosity, so I bought it (see below).  Soon thereafter, I started to experience what I felt were potentially messages from my husband. 

For example, I was walking back home from the market one day, I came across an advertisement for a TV program called, "Did I really die?"  When I saw it, I whispered under my breath, "Yeah sweetie, you really did."  Another time, I was walking home from a Home Depot, and saw two large smiley type faces drawn in chalk on a wall.  One read, "Hello Grumpy" and the other read, "Be Happy."  There was a time when my husband did something that annoyed me and he walked over and  said the words, "Hello Grumpy" to me to make me smile.  Coincidences, perhaps, and some were less subtle than others but those "coincidences" meant something to me specifically.

So, I'm curious, have you experienced any Winks? 

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Thank you for posting these things. I was really struck by the "Hello Grumpy" story.  

I think these things do happen. People report hearing a special song on the radio at just the right time, etc. How does it happen? I don't know. Does the departed soul nudge the players involved? Sometimes it seems that way. 

Our grandson was born 7 weeks after my husband died. He was our first grandchild. By the second Christmas without my husband, the child was about 15 months old. On Christmas morning we were all opening gifts together, having a leisurely time. Suddenly, right at 9 am, my grandson says, "Nana car". - 

I had bought a cute red Honda Fit the month before, and he loved the car. He was very insistent., pulling me along by the hand -s o we went outside to my car. He sat on my lap and fiddle with the knobs, etc. I put in  key, because he liked that, too. He was playing with the radio and wanted sound. He turned the knob and the car was filled with an instrumental piece of Christmas music. I don't know the name of it, which is odd, because I know a lot of Christmas music. I have sung in a choir my whole life. But I recognized this piece of music because it was on a Christmas instrumental CD  that my husband would put on each Christmas morning while we opened presents. As I sat there in my little red car, with  my grandson on my lap, and beautiful snow on the ground, and that melody playing, it finally felt like Christmas.

So  - I really do believe the soul of my husband nudged my grandson... Children are close to that "world" the veil is thinner for them...

What a beautiful God Wink, Maria Louisa.  I noticed the Winks more frequently in my early stages.  Here's another...

I was walking a lot everywhere in the beginning and, as I was walking towards a bridge which divides Manhattan from Queens, I came across a chocolate shop called Jacque Torres.  I'd never heard of it before and, while it seemed pricey, I thought I might just stop in and get something small and not too expensive.  I was just about to pay for a couple of small chocolate spoon, when I asked the cashier if it was a new shop and commented that they had a lot of lovely items.  She replied that the store had been around for years but that that particular location had only opened in February of that year.  I had a hunch I knew what the answer would be when I asked her what day in February and she replied the 12th.  That was the very day I lost my husband and I explained that to her.  We shared a frozen moment in time in that instance.  She said that she believed in experiences like this one and that there was another life beyond this one. 

I then glanced over to a glass showcase of chocolates to my left and saw these little square chocolates that had a gold image on them of a girl and a boy with a heart between them.  They were called "Wicked Fun."  I bought a small box of those and as I left the shop, I saw it was going to rain.  I didn't care, I'd gotten a Wink from my husband and I walked over that bridge in the pouring rain with a smile on my face and love in my heart and soul.

That is so very sweet. Thank you for sharing. 

It warmed my heart to read that your husband wished you and your grandson a Merry Christmas.  And, I agree about children being close to that world.  The veil being thinner because it was not too long before they came from that side.

Dear Maria Louisa,

I just found and saved the photo of the "Hello Grumpy" and "Be Happy" God Winks I mentioned previously.  Here they are...

During the government shutdown 2 1/2 years ago (I'm a federal employee)., I was sorting through my wife's possessions and found $1,000 rolled up in a little gift bag.    Helped me get through a tough time.    Thanks, Lupe.

Holy Moley! Good thing you looked inside the gift bag!!  :)

I was going to buy and expensive Holly tree for my front yard, and low and behold I found a healthy holly tree at the edge of the back property that I can have transplanted! Thank you, Wayne!  You always were a master Gardener and now you are helping me!!

I can relate to this because I had wanted to buy Lily of the Valley to place in a garden of a Summer place I acquired the same year my husband passed.  Spring had not yet arrived and I was preparing.  I'm glad I held off because once Spring arrived and I opened the property, there was a large spread of Lily of the Valley at the entrance. 

As the season progressed, I was also trying to find red poppies, but could not find any.  Then one weekend a singular bud sprang up among the flowers in the back yard.  I didn't know what it was until I went out there the following weekend and It turned out to be a red poppy.

I love all these stories.   Thank you everyone for sharing.

I have had a few "coincidental" moments as well. 

The first was about two months after Brad passed, a friend and I went away for the weekend.   The three of us used to travel together quite often and Brad would always get us lost.  Our GPS mapped us to the wrong street, all the way across town from where we wanted to be (Grove place instead of St).  We were lost and were driving around, I had just said "It is as if Brad is navigating" when we passed a funeral home on our left.   We both looked at the name of it and were silent for a moment, it was called "Amigone Funeral Home".   I still blame Brad for the hour we were lost and always being the joker I am sure he was messing with us.  We stopped for coffee nearby and asked one of the waitresses she said it is a family name.  It still makes me smile and I know he is not really gone.

Then, last year I went on my first real vacation without Brad, it was trip filled with mixed emotions.   I was going back to some of our favourite places, and also some new.  My first stop that I had visited before with him was New Orleans.   We often sat by a fountain there and enjoyed a Café Du Monde coffee.   I took my picture at the fountain and I recall it was a very chilly and overcast day in October.   When I looked at the picture later, there was a sunbeam directly behind me.  I took it as a little shout out to me, that he was still hanging out in our favourite places.   The next city I visited that we had spent some time in was Savannah.   I was standing on the corner, waiting for the others in my party, having just left our favourite restaurant and was thinking how much fun we had on our trip there and was missing him.  I looked up at the building and it was a pub, named Brad's place.  The sign on it said This is Brad's place.  

I haven't had one of those moments in a while, but I know that whether I get them or not, that he is there and watching over me.  

Dear Crispygirl,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful coincidences!  Here's another one of mine you might enjoy:

I had always wanted to see "Swan Lake" as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet Company, but never had the chance to. 

I was walking around one day during the Christmas holidays and I was pretty sad because it would be the first Christmas without my husband.  Just then, I came across a movie theatre that was about 3/4 of a mile from our home.  My eyes widened as I read the marquis, which advertised a "Live Telecast of Swan Lake!"  

Since it was live and streaming from Russia, it would only be playing for one day, and that day just happened to fall on my husband's birthday!   Even though the performance would be about a month away, I bought my ticket right away.  And, on my darling's birthday, I sat in the best seat I could find and enjoyed the best performance of Swan Lake ever!

Love it!


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