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I would go to a movie alone and I have, but not on a Friday or Saturday night...Going in isn't bad and sitting there is's coming out of the theatre and everyone is coupled off...ahhhhhhhhhh

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I've gone to a movie alone, but I don't go to movies a lot anyway.   I am very specific on where I want to sit, don't like noise, gum I usually don't go to the theatres.  I wait till it comes on HBO or something....
No, can't do it.  Jesse and I loved going to the movies and it would just make me too sad to be alone.  I also cannot go out to eat alone.  I can't stand seeing all the other happy couples.  It's just too much, but maybe someday it will be less painful.
Yes, I have gone to the movies alone on Halloween for the last 2 years. My husband was diagnosed with cancer on Halloween 2008 and died 5 months later. So now rather than sit home having to endure trick or treaters banging on my door which in itself reminds me of my husband insisting on handing out the candy that day, or being out in public merriment, the movies are a place where I can retreat and be alone in the darkness, even if others are in the theatre. I go in the late afternoon, eat a sandwich in my car after watching one movie, then go back into the theatre to watch another movie so that it is after 9 o'clock when I get back home. The first year I cried in the car as I watched all the couples coming and going. Last year I found much solace in this ritual of being alone.
I like this idea, cantorsue.  My husband died 9/22/10 and I ended up putting a sign on the door letting trick-or-treaters know we weren't participating last year. Vern loved to see the little kids all dressed up and even when he was bedridden I'd have the neighbor kids come inside to show him their costumes. I haven't yet ventured out to a movie alone or with someone, so this could become an annual ritual for me, too.
The first movie I went and saw by myself was in November 2009 it was The Twilight Saga: New Moon, two months after Ray died. There is a scene in the movie where Bella sits in her room for 3 months alone and sad, I bawled when I saw that part b/c that is exactly how I felt. I am not a crazy Twilight fan, but my friend got me to read the books the summer of 2009. Ray was getting treatment during that time and those books helped me keep my mind off of what was happening to my husband, I was in denial the whole summer b/c he looked healthy but he wasn't at all. Now I have no problems going to the movies by myself, now movies are my relaxation time.
KristyAnn - I went to this movie with girlfriends on a girls night out.  First movie I'd been to since Dave died.  I thought it would be a good distraction as that is how I found the books.  I didin't like it, because Bella  was searching for Edward most of the movie and tha's exactly how I felt.  I was looking for Dave and couldn't find him.  I have since been able to go to movie's.  I really like going to them and escaping.  I haven't gone alone and wish I had the time.  It's also hard to call my friends because I'm feeling like I'm the one needing to do something and they are busy with other things. 
T- I know exactly how you feel in regards to you friends, when I do go do something with my friends who are married or attatched I feel like a third wheel.  Plus I dont want to call them evertime I am bored or need to do have a grown up night.  I sometimes feel like I am there charity case, and that drives me crazy
eating in a restaurant was hard for me to do by myself, I still dont like doing that
Oh yes yes yes...i actually LOVE it.  Its so quiet and peaceful.  You dont know what you're missing actually.
No No and double no.  Never would I go to a movie alone.  I always went with Jim.  Now occasionally if a movie comes that I want to see I go with a friend and I call her my movie friend.  McDonalds is where I sometimes eat lunch alone with my work computer using the free WI-FI.  Otherwise I don't eat alone in restaurants.
I have gone alone, and unfortunately, no one else came at all. I was in the theater completely alone. It was pretty spooky. But at least no one was kicking the back of my seat or talking loudly or obstructing the view.
OMG EatPrayLove - what on earth did you go to see that no one else was there? Or was it the time of day that you went, maybe?


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