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I found this on Christina's blog ---here's a CLIFF NOTE if you don't watch the short video --it's well worth it though!! 7 ways

1 NATURE - Its involuntary---you don't have to do anything! It's in the circle of God & life

2. Humor----laughing---if you have to force yourself rent a comedy. Or watch Cbristian Bannana videos. My favorite

3. Dance. If you just don't feel up to it. SPIN or walkabout. This moves energy throughout your body

4. Music. Sing. Find something uplifting My favorite. 'The Hurt & the Healer'

5. Friends. Family. Being around others who love you. Ie. Widowed Village

6. Animals. Relax you. Don't judge you. Give unconditional love. Will never say insensitive things

7. Have a Great meal. Splurge on yourself occasionally

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Here's the video link she's referring to:

Glad you liked the video, Jpswife.  I thought it had some simple, easy, inexpensive suggestions. 

Thanks. I didn't know how to post the video link:)
A massage...there's something about human touch...
I like this list, especially laughing, friends (and family),music, and animals. I have really been feeling that there's a dog waiting for me to welcome him/her into my heart, and me into his/hers. Just have to save the money to adopt him/her!☀☀☀❤❤❤

Head for the Water-I am taking a water exercise class at a senior center (I am the baby). There is something about getting in that water that is so soothing to me. Being around the older people who have been through a lot and are such a calm and happy group is great, too.

Gardening-which goes along with nature. I have never planted anything until this year. I have never taken an interest in our grass. Well, now I am planting little container gardens and watching them grow and just loving it. 

Massage is right. I sure need one!

OMG I need this so much. Should print it out and put it up in multiple places so I keep seeing it.

Usually I SUCK at pulling myself out of the dumps, so it's good to know there are things that in and of themselves help!

I agree that an animal can pull you out of blue mood.  They can have such funny expressions, and dogs just always seem to need something. (well, mine affectionate Bella does).  I have found that planning or day dreaming about something I want to do in the future if I sell my house, I want to take my kids on a daydreaming about places helps.  Or thinking about what I would like to volunteer for after I have the house ready to sell gets my mind off me and on to the future.


I walk to pull myself out of the dumps.  It really helps.

I so agree about the animals, I adopted a puppy 8 months after my Tom died and I can't believe how much it helped.  The unconditional love was wonderful in itself but getting me off my butt evenings and weekends was so worth it.


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