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   Last night, as usual, I lay in bed and just THINK. But I couldn't recall his voice clearly. It's actually scary. ...   Thankfully, I recorded all of his Dr. Appointments on my phone and/or Ipad. So I just laid in bed and listened to him talk. All I could think was, " How could I lose his voice in my head.."  I see him in my mind clearly. Just not the voice.

   Am I alone? Or is this natural?



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That is so scary. It has been over a year for me now and I wish that she would come to me in my dreams. But for now her beautiful smile, her face and her voice are well with me. Be thankful you have the recordings.

Good Morning Miket,

    I too wish he would come to me in my dreams. My son told me that he saw Dad in his dreams, but he just smiled at Kristin, ( My son's wife )... Didn't say anything, just smiled at her. That makes me happy.  And yes, I consider myself very lucky to have the recordings. 

   I hope she comes to you soon, even if it's just a dream or a vision.

   Try to have a Merry Christmas :-) She would want you too.

Warmest Regards,


i can hear my husband's voice in my head if I concentrate. I feel, sometimes, that I can see him but he seems far I'm looking through the wrong end of binoculars.  And then sometimes I can feel him close and it hits me like a ton of bricks and it is so painful but I like it because he feels closer.  Crazy eh? I'm Canadian:) 


    It's not crazy at all. :-) 


I still hear my husband's voice like he is right here.  I, too, have a few recordings, and still have a message he left for me a few days before he passed.  I think it's normal to feel like you are losing parts of your loved one, although it hasn't happened to me yet.  My husband visits me in my dreams, and sometimes I can still feel his large hand on the small of my back when I am cooking (we used to cook together).  It's the strangest thing...

Hi Original,

    It's so hard to lose bits and pieces of the man you're married to for 38 years.  We knew each other even longer than that. We were high school sweethearts. 

   It's good that you see your husband in your dreams. 



I have a hard time remembering his voice. I only have one voice mail recording: "Call me. Bye." That's it. I couldn't find anything else. He didn't leave many voicemails. None of his family had any, either. I have a hard time remembering his face except from my pictures. Even the feeling of his daily hugs is hard to recall. It is so hard to lose those things. I miss him so much and I don't want to forget.

Hi Sherry,

   It's so hard sometimes, to remember things. I need the pictures, videos & recording to bring memories of him back into focus. 


Susan,  just today I listened to Mike's voice.  I have one voice mail to listen to for the rest of my life.  Humans are very visual, unlike animals who use their sense of smell and hearing to a much greater degree.  That's probably why you've lost his voice in your head. 

Hi Riley,

    How have you been?  ... I have pictures of Paul around the house... But I still lose his voice unless I listen to recordings. .. I was sniffing at some of his dress shirts today... His scent is gone from them. So I guess it's time to let them go to Good Will.

I hope you are well. :-)



P.S. That is my Grandson in the picture. :-)


Hi Susan,  I recently broke my ankle and dislocated it.  I was just walking around the barn yard, wasn't even near a horse ! LOL I hit my head on the horse trailer and fell and broke it.  This has been a huge huge set back fo me emotionally.  One of my greatest fears after Mike died has come true.  I was so afraid of getting hurt alone on this farm and here it has happened.  I had to crawl to my golf cart and then I drove it to the neighbor's house.  She took me to the hospital.  I had surgery .  I have 13 screws and 3 metal plates holding my ankle together.  I've got 2 more weeks left of non weight bearing, then they are going to let me start to walk.  It's been really hard trying to make sure the horses are taken care of and everything else.  I had to hire someone to come out and do the chores.  My friends of course are helping me too.  Your grandson is so so cute!  I get to see my newest grandson today!  

Hi Riley,

   Ouch! Not good... I'm glad you have help with the horses. Keep me posted on how you're doing.  All of that stuff on an ankle!  Does your ankle feel heavier? Those screws and plates are probably minuscule. Just remember that rehab is important. ( from personal experience. )

   Please share a picture of your newest Grandson! Thank You on the compliment about Summit. He looks just like his Daddy when he was a baby. Except for one thing... Summit still has beautiful blue eyes. And Michael has Hazel eyes. I don't know how long you have to wait to see if a baby's eyes change.

   You take care of yourself! And let your friends & neighbors help you. I always hated asking for help. But I now know I need to sometimes. ... And I know what you mean about the fear of being hurt and not having Mike there.( I was scared when I simply had Acute Bronchitis without Paul there to help me.) 

   Take Care My Friend,



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