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Talking to some people in chat this morning about meetups and wondered if we could have a meetup for each State in Australia?  I am in New South Wales not too far from Sydney so I could meet people there.  What about people from other States?  Maybe we could have several meetup points? And if anyone comes to Australia and lands in Sydney maybe one of us could meet them and say g'day?

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Hi Sue, great idea...I'm in Newcastle...where are you?

I am on the Central Coast will PM you.

I am in Northern Sydney.

Hi Sue, I am in NZ but all my children live in Sydney so pop over from time to time. I have long time friends who live in Lithgow & Blue Mts so always stay a few days there as well. Would be nice to join a local group.

My roses

Hi Sue

Just saw your post and have not been on WV for quite a while with masses of other things happening.  Have been injured a number of times and have been in recovery.  Also  dealing with a variety of issues... but have found time to also do some dating.  I have made some friends because of this... It has been a difficult journey (as you discussed before re dating) .  Have had some hurtful experiences but  things have improved  and have met some pleasant men.

 I am in Perth... so we need to have a few more people elsewhere.  There is another person in Tasmania who is on WV.

Hope to hear how you are.

Best wishes 

Any more Aussies joined since I started this thread?

Hi Sue, am still in NZ but am moving to Lithgow in a couple of months, any plans for a meet up?

Somewhere like Penrith would suit me, I'd take a couple of hours or more to get there by bus and train but lunch would be an option, send me a PM when the time comes.  I'll send you a friend request now.

Hi there, I also am a New South Welshlady.....residing in Macarthur weekdays and some evenings, so if there is a meetup then weekend lunch (public transport travel) would be wonderful for me...

looking forward to hearing from others too 

Looks like that is three of us for a meet up at Penrith in three or four months time. I am sure we will have a  few more by then.


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