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Good Afternoon,

   Today I worked in our flower gardens by myself. :-( I hope everything survives.  Paul is the one who had the green thumb. Not I. I put in Blueish Hostas, Lavender  and Hens & Chicks..  I'm also trying to grow some lavender in a flower pot for the bedroom.  



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Hi Sissy, I'm an avid Gardner and I know you will feel joy when you see signs of growth. If you planted seeds it's a thrill when they sprout! gardening can be very rewarding, I speak from experience. It brought flashes of joy even in that first awful summer alone.

Hi Dianthus,

   I check my baby plants everyday... Some are just starting to sprout. Others are not.  I put tomato cages around the new Lilac Bushes so they bend or break in the heavy winds we keep having. They look good so far!

   Here is my " Stone Rose Garden" that Paul made for me. Do you see the little angel there among the Purple Phox? That came in one of flower arrangements we got. ( Paul's Funeral ) I love it in the garden he made for me.  ... The roses are just starting to Bud. 

Sissy / Susan

hi Sissy,
Beautiful picture! I can tell you are in a warmer climate which is great for gardening. From what I can see your yard is so pretty! I love the angel, what a lively idea!your rose bushes look healthy and that will be lovely.

Hi Dianthus,

   Thank You!  The Planting Zone is 7... ( Midwest.)  So it's warm in the Spring, Warmer in Summer, Cool & Comfy in Fall, and USUALLY cold in the winter.   I like the 4 seasons :-) 

Susan / Sissy

It sounds lovely! I'm in Zone 3 but our summers are great! I love all the seasons too.

Thank You!  I'm trying to remember where zone 3 is... I'll look it up. :-)


I am in New Jersey - and zone 7a I too like the 4 seasons! Even winter! Love gardening - most times except when the weeds get the best of me!


   It seems like I try about anything new that comes out to get rid of weeds. Nothing really works. :-( 


Pretty! I was out today too. On a rescue mission. Have white flys eating up my hedge in the back, spent some time spraying them (once again) with Safers. I guess if that doesn't work, my only two options are to call a professional or have them removed. I love working outside though, it gives me peace.

I planted some vinca (flower) from seed, still on my back porch, just poking up now. Tulips and daffodils got fooled into coming up early, most of them didn't do well. I have a plant that my neighbor gave me that I absolutely love and now has very special meaning to me as she died a year ago from ALS. That is coming up now--it' called Jacob's Tears. It produces the most beautiful purplish-blue flowers. Have any of you heard of it? I gave her Lily of the Valley, we both loved to play in the garden, I do miss her friendship. Spring is a beautiful time of year in the northeast--then the migrating birds have returned, I love listening to them sing.

Hi Callie,

   Thank You! ... I have heard of Jacob's Tears. but have not seen them.  I have Lily Of The Valley on one side of the house. 

   Do you have Mourning Doves ? I love listening to them. I have some shepards hooks for plants and Bird feeders. :-) 

   When I plant seeds, it usually doesn't come up. Now, when I TRANSPLANT something, it does great! Paul had the green thumb. I just helped out.





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