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And I am freaking out without my husband here, anymore.  Don't know if it's going to hit here or not, the "models" are all over the place, went out and bought bottled water today, as I know from the past that's the first thing to empty the shelves. Bought dog and cat food and bread and peanut butter for me. I do have plywood boards cut and ready to go up, but it's only me and it requires more than one person and a ladder.  So I would have to some guys out here to put them up and hope I can get someone to help me with that if need be.

First it was just a CAT 1, no big deal, now they are talking CAT 3 or higher.

Last hurricane I had a widow stay with me, but she now has a boyfriend. So looks like, if it happens, I'll be going it alone.... 

Sorry, having a hard time dealing with the constant news reports and constant changes, one minute, looks okay, the next it's coming my way.  I am totally freaking out and feeling so alone.

Thanks for listening.

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Dee, I'm sure it must be scary to be going thru that alone.  Do you have neighbors nearby?  The weather people sometimes can drive us crazy with constantly changing things.  It seems anymore they're more likely to be wrong than right. 

Will keep everyone there in my thoughts and prayers.  Hope you and your pets stay safe!


Thanks Mary, really my one neighbor is a nice guy, but a drunken divorced guy --- and the other, a woman who doesn't like me as doesn't like the color I painted our house (pink) -- haven't lived in this neighborhood long enough to really get to know people. Did talk to the guy who cut my plywood back a couple years ago for Hurricane Irma, he did tell me "not to worry" that he'd be sure to get some guys out here to board me up if we have too. So that's a bit of a relief.

Still scary, going it alone, though a big storm. thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Well, that's good that you have someone lined up to board things up if needed.  Now, let's just hope that you don't need him to do that.

Take care.


Dee, I understand your concern. Living on the coast or in the path is nerve wracking. I am on the coast of VA and have been through many hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. and my husband was military. If they pulled the ships, it was me and the kids. You know prep is the key. Remember batteries. And if you can’t get the boards up, you can put masking tape on the windows which is a bit better than nothing. I hope it either misses your area or slows enough to be downgraded. Sending hugs. 

D. - I sent you a pm.

Hi Dee! I'm in Florida too...Gainesville area. We're the town where everyone from the coasts evacuates to (and beyond), so our town gets inundated & supplies run short quickly. Yesterday, Publix was already out of water...5 days out from the hurricane!

Take a deep breath. Make sure you have all your important paperwork, toiletries, medications, food, water, clothing, etc. ready/at hand if you need to "grab-n-go".  Gas up the car, take $$ out of the bank. You know the drill. And talk to your husband. Ask him for signs or for help w/contacts. Ask him for protection. Curse him for not being there. Whatever you need to do to vent then calm yourself. The more prepared you are, the calmer you will feel. Touch base w/the man who sold you the boards to make sure he's still on call to help you board your windows.

Oh, wait, St. Petersburg, FL? You know who lives there? Megan Smolenyak, author of Who Do You Think You Are? She's a famous genealogist. She's very nice. I converse with her back & forth on Twitter.Here's her Twitter feed. Maybe it'll be comforting reading her Twitter feed (you don't have to have an account to read that) & who knows maybe you'll see her in town. If you do, tell her IntuitiveLB from Twitter said to stay safe! (That can be an immediate connection for you.)

I also find using this affirmation, "All is well. All is well. All is well." from Louise Hay calms me. Because, right now, all *is* well. Figure out what calms you, gather a really good/funny book and/or watch funny shows/movies to distract you (as long as your power is on), have a flashlight ready to go w/a deck of cards. :)

Also, any reason you can't ask your widow friend AND her boyfriend to stay with you? Ask!

This is my third year w/o my husband during the hurricane season & since I have barely any finances...well, actually none...there's not much I can do. My first year was a bit panicky as well. Just prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You'll be okay. My son is using the little $ he has left after paying bills this past week to stock up on pasta, cereal, water. It's not going to be a lot but it's all we can do. He has a lot of food allergies, so we can't use anything already prepared/processed or canned but we've been surviving on very little for a while now.

Also, don't keep the TV on! Check every few hours then turn it off. Sending you lots of protective wishes!

Dee, I live in south Florida, so I know exactly how you feel. I live alone. The constant weather reports are nerve racking. I have decided to stay in my house even though my 2 sons live in the area. I have lived here 50 years and have been through hurricanes before. It is rough but you will be ok.Try to contact the people who will put up your plywood to make sure they are available. We should know by Sunday where Dorian will make landfall. I wish you well.

OHH Dee, Praying for peace of mind and safety for you.  

Thanks, everyone for your replies. Tomorrow, the handymen are coming to board up my house at 8:00 a.m.  I really think it's too early (in the morning ha!) but also the forecast track is still all over the place, and latest 5:00 p.m. was taking it away from here.

But I have to rely on other people and Ed (the handy man) says he's got a lot of other customers and wants to get mine done and doesn't want to be putting up plywood in the rain on the weekend.

Damn, if my husband were alive and well, we'd wait a few days as landfall isn't expected until Monday on the east coast and we are on the west coast.

But I certainly can't do it alone. And Ed won't wait. So I'll either look stupid, if the storm doesn't hit here, or smart if it does.

Hate that thought of spending the next 3-4 days in the dark boarded up house.

Spent the afternoon dragging porch furniture, plants, yard "art" etc. into the garage, in the heat, and I am exhausted. Still have my wind chimes up, so didn't get everything done.  I'm exhausted. Scared. And missing my husband so much.


Dee, I'm right here with you in St. Pete.

First, don't give another thought to what your neighbors or others might say.  If I did not have hurricane impact windows and doors, I would be boarded up way ahead of time as well.  My mantra - make yourself ready as you can.  I did that - staged generator, stocked up on bagged ice (in case of power outage), brought all outdoors furniture in the garage, stocked up on water and food.  Here's another tip - if you do drink bottle water, save a few of those bottles.  When another storm is threatening, stick those filled with water in your freezer.  Provides not only water but extra volume to keep freezer frozen and full.

With Irma, Stephen was here.  We didn't leave, although we were in a mandatory evacuation.  I don't regret that.  Was I frightened to deer in the headlights with this one?  Not really.  I know, and Stephen knows, I am resourceful and strong and can get up and do it.  Was I stressed, sure. And yes, I had many conversations with Stephen and my spirit guides over the last few days.  That gave me great moments of calm.

I can't offer the physical assistance of plywood, but I can offer moral and emotional support if this ever happens again.  Feel free to PM me.

Hugs, Shirley

I have lived in South Florida for 50 years. I have always have canned goods, batteries, flashlights etc. When I lived up north I kept stocked with goods because of snow storms. I no longer buy bottled water. I have many containers that I can fill with tap water. I do make a lot of ice. I am puzzled because so many people seem to be out of essentials. I understand people needing gas. I have accordion shutters. I need help putting up 2 because I don’t go on ladders anymore. I think no matter where you live you should be prepared. Whatever products are left over after hurricane season I donate. We were very fortunate this time but the Bahamas are in desperate condition and need help. Be aware of weather conditions and stay safe. Peace to all.


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