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My husband's family & I are close---his mother &' father are to me
Like my mom & dad! (mine are deceased). When I introduce them to people do I say my "late" husbands
Mom @ dad, sisters & brother or what?? I HATE calling my husband late! Sounds disrespectful!
What has anyone else done? Any suggestions?

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I still call them my in laws.. Mother in Law, Sister in Law and nieces and nephews..  they will always be my family no  matter what happens. We were together for 30 years... we started going out when I was 18. I grew up with this family and they will always be my family. My kids' family. Period. Even if I find someone to date, they will be my family. Wonder if this will scare the boys away!?  LMAO... I don't care..   :o)

But I am one of the lucky ones, I got a great man and his family is great too.  I am blessed.




I call mine strangers.  They have very little to do with me or my sons since my husband's death.  Their loss.

Cyna, that is so tragic, but maybe they weren't worth being close to anyway. Their loss is right. Mine are pretty special but over the last year I did feel some funny things, like. 'Suz, would you take a picture of the family." They do not like the BIL at all and did not want to leave him any money so Katie will get all Jud's inheritance when they die. I feel a little funny about her having that much money at a young age (she will likely be in her thirties and they are pretty well off). On the other hand, I am fine enough and that really didn't matter so much to me. They always say "I love you" every time I call and remember all holidays with cards, etc. My SIL's are like sisters. Very special. 


I still call John's Father  "Dad"  I always have, and I say either,. my father in law or John's dad. same with sister's in law. Lori is my step-daughter.. 

Well step son is another story...:(

Lee and i were together for 27 years, she been gone since 10/29/2010 In my case the way just abandon me and my son
I call them bye-laws

jpswife, well, the way i figure it Paul's Mom is still my Mother-in-law, she will always be, and that is what I call her. If you are close with your in-laws, they should have no objection to that. Paul and are still married in my view, and his Mom and I are close. She loves me and I love her, and we always had the common bond of "loving" Paul. So, we still have that, and now we have a new bond- one of loss. We still have dinner and lunch together, and she is one person who is not afraid of me bringing him up.  I am blessed.

I call mine family.  Met my husband when I was twelve.  We were married 35 years.  Lots of history,  and good times.

mine are still my in-laws and quite possibly will always be although yes I have had a couple of strange things happen in the last year but we got over it.  My fil is quite scared on losing contact with my boys but they are 13 nearly 14 and typical teenagers.  They don't think to ring and say and yet my fil wants that on a weekly basis and will not come to their footy game unless they ring him and tell him where it is (even though they have the fixtures) but that's another story.  If I get married again I figure I'll have two sets of in-laws.  Cannot see no harm in that.  Nothing wrong with more good people in your life :)

I am very close with all of my husbands family and I still call them the same thing as I did before. When KC died it didn't break our bond or the one I will forever have with my in-laws. KC's Mother even told me that if I ever did want to date or remarry that person would also be a part of their family. They are family for life!


As you know I'm still a rookie at this widower business & had the same question.  Thanks for asking it & now I'll be quite and go read what the others have said.

I'm very close with my in laws and that's what they will always be. Matter of fact my Mother in law told me if I ever decide to start dating I have to let it be known that they come with me. We will always be family no matter what.


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