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I know she doesn't resonate with all people. I heard her speak in person a few years ago, in an open forum, nothing scripted. I've been on her email list but never participated in any of her events.  

Now she's offering something in person and live streaming, at the end of the year called, New Years Retreat, It's based on some of the principles in the Course in Miracles.  She has a 45 minute recording at - not sure you will be able to access it. I signed up for the live event and just got the link this morning. The recording of course is to sell the seminar however, there is a good deal in it that sounds helpful in integrating where I was and where I'm going. The phrase she used that keeps playing in my mind, Look past the darkness and TO the light. Yeah, I need light. Even just a knowingness of light, which so many of you have.

I feel like I need and want a miracle ever since Marty died Aug 28, with my mom just two weeks behind him Sept 15, and my dad just 9 months before, Nov 17 2016. 

My question: is anyone else following this event? Or already signed up for it? I think sign up ends Sunday, Nov 12th. And right now I am NOT a good decision maker of anything I need/want to do so I'm looking for input from anywhere here, where I am. Thanks.

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I thought about doing this when they were offering the 50% discount, but ended up deciding not to. I did her Aging Miraculously course and it was very good - and she's coming to Las Vegas to speak in January and I'm thinking of attending.  What did you decide to do about this course?

I can't decide anything anymore and it passed by for me too. Likely she'll offer something online in the future. I do like her. My husband and I loved Las Vegas, traveling there over the last 4 years a couple of times a year.

What is Marianne speaking about there in January?

She'll be here January 19 & 20. Two different topics related to two different books. The first one is on Healing the Soul of America and the second night is Tears to Triumph.  Here's a link with details (scroll down page to get to info):

I understand about traveling to places you both loved. I've done quite a bit of traveling since my Vern died but it took me 6 years before I felt I could return to our very special place, Maui. Try some place easy the first time to see how it feels. Many of my destinations were places we had thought about traveling to or places I know he would have loved. I've felt him with me every time ... seeing it all through my eyes.

Sorry for any confusion ... I responded in here from the Soaring Spirits profile instead of my personal profile.  (I use the Soaring Spirits profile as the site admin.)

Dianne if you like, I have a code for the 50% off. I want the clearing of what I am able to clear, in an easy way to participate. Right now traveling to places Marty and I love, is excruciatingly painful. I'm hopeful and prayerful this will ease up. Just let me know if you would like the savings code and we'll connect - yes, I told the organizers I knew one other person who might want to use it.

Thank you, InsideLove.  I like that she gives lifetime access to her online offerings but I've sanctioned myself to not sign up for one more thing this year. I have a number of classes - both free and paid for - that I haven't started or completed and I am going to try my best to get through them before signing up for anything else. Wish me luck!

Insidelove.  Not  a fan of MW ...but  years  ago before  widowhood  my friend and mentor  Jack Boland,  a now deceased   Unity   minister  put out a series of tapes  on  A  Course  in Miracles.  The  course  itself  I went  though  many years   ago  I won't elaborate   but I offer  this youtube link  free  if you want to  know more  about the content  of A Course  in Miracles.       It is   excellent   but  if your grief is fresh and new  you might find  it  to be  a bit  too much to take in  right now.  lj


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