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Is Anyone Else disappointed in The US Public behavior over the 2016 Presidential Election?

I'm so sad and disappointed in now some of my friends and family are behaving over this election. I've actually decided to take a "break" from Facebook because it is there that people are especially mean and hurtful. (I'm not mentioning this at all on FB, I don't wish to draw attention to myself.) I'm just so bewildered at this unusual behavior. I've read about cyber bullying and that is certainly part of how things are escalating! People post nasty replies to other's posts that they'd never dream of saying in person! How silly, how judgemental, how rude!

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So very sorry Susan! My situation with a long time friend of my H and me is a little similar... thankfully it hasn't escalate ed that far yet.. pure luck I guess... ((((hugs)))) you are not alone..
Hi Everyone! Im so sorry Susan about your husbands and your friend. Maybe we all know someone like this, i sure do! I have a very long time friend, a very good person, really enjoy him when he isnt talking politics! He and i have very similar views, im sure vote in similar ways, but i tell you he is totally rude, aggressive, intolerable, when it comes to talking politics. Its horrible, and i agree with most of his points but he just goes on and on and on, will not stop! I happen to kind of agree with issues on both sides! Lol. There are good in both, i feel, and there are things i dont agree with on both sides, lol, so its always difficult for me when making decisions. I have had to request him to stop, many, many times, and still he wants to drive his point home, call names and make statements, if you dont vote this way, your an idiot! Or just are a beast! He has made a complete fool of himself at dinner party's, i find him quite embarrassing, and annoying when ive invited a nice group of friends over for dinner, and he is yelling across the table, or wont let go of someones ear. So sadly, i take him in small doses and NEVER invite him to group gatherings, ever! He knows this, and why, he chuckles, and isnt about to change. I hate most conversations about religion and politics, avoid them as much as possible.
It's best to avoid controversial subjects in certain social settings or anywhere where there may be mixed opinions. This election has been one of the most divisive I have ever witnessed and it tends to make people a little more crazy. It has ruined friendships and families have felt the impact too. You are right to avoid this person if he is unable to control himself--IMO dinner conversation should be pleasant and not involve debates or discussions that might upset/offend anyone. Then there are those not worth arguing with (like my brother) When he starts in on something, I just go ummhmm. Wait for a minute or do then change the subject.
My daughter is a student at UVA. She came home yesterday and is safe. We are so sad about the event on Saturday. I really miss having my husband to share my concerns about her safety. It is difficult to go through this alone. We will be ok.

So glad she is safe.  Sending hugs.

That had to be frightening for you. I'm grateful she is home and safe.

Thanks Dianne.
Thank you Gary'swife.


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