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Is Anyone Else disappointed in The US Public behavior over the 2016 Presidential Election?

I'm so sad and disappointed in now some of my friends and family are behaving over this election. I've actually decided to take a "break" from Facebook because it is there that people are especially mean and hurtful. (I'm not mentioning this at all on FB, I don't wish to draw attention to myself.) I'm just so bewildered at this unusual behavior. I've read about cyber bullying and that is certainly part of how things are escalating! People post nasty replies to other's posts that they'd never dream of saying in person! How silly, how judgemental, how rude!

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Yes, it's sad.   It appears people are not able to have an intelligent discussion, and in the end agree to disagree.  I have not "unfriended" anyone on facebook, but have "unfollowed" a couple of people because of their posts.    


Thank you Garyswife and Laurajay. Yes, all of this political discord does indeed make it harder for us as widowed people... For me especially with some friends of my husband's and my in laws and even some of my friends who happen to have strong political feelings one way or another..
And indeed a lot of this is happening "face to face"br />
My daughter and I were sad about a political lecture we got from my husband's mother...
And sadly, another friend who hitherto had been supportive and helpful to us told my daughter that
"her father would be ASHAMED of her" for her political views!!! I'm beside myself!!
It is so SAD to my daughters and me .. So needlessly sad! And I'm proud of my daughter who did not argue back, but simply said that her dear father respected her views, like she respected his! I'm proud of her for being so mature!
But, its so hard for me to comprehend that many people this election cannot agree to disagree...
But I'm so very grateful to have this safe comforting place to discuss it!
(((Big Hugs))) to all!

Diane....Hi there!!!!  Hope you are doing well!

I find myself disenchanted.....Not just with politics...which was a common interest and an activity that my LH and I shared....but of other things too.....Football...I loved watching it or having it on while I did work around the house.  Now.....what do you mean these overpaid athletes are not standing for the national anthem?  (Yes, I understand freedom of speech.)  We had dinner with someone tonight that felt it was important to show us many pictures of his son and his fraternity.....Dude...I just met you...maybe a little conversation instead of all these cell phone pics might be more appropriate. 

I have blocked and unfriended some folks whose posts I find annoying.  I'm on FB for family, friends, and kitties....all the other stuff is not important to me anymore.  My tolerance has definitely dropped and my willingness to engage in "debates" over what/who/etc is right/wrong has all but left as well.  Am I on my way to being a grumpy old lady?  :)  I hope not, but I think my energy is better served focusing on other things. 

Losing my husband and all the "stuff" that goes along with it has taken it out of me.....but is that so bad?

Big hugs to you!


Hi Tommi! So great to hear from you! Miss you and I'll never forget meeting you and Hunt in San Diego! Yes, all of this stuff is certainly wearing! My favorite musical group is from Canada, The Tenors! One of them made a political remark about a month ago, and he is now not a part of the group anymore. So sad! I just wish everyone could "just get along!" We as widows know that life is really short! Take Care, sending you and Hunt ((((hugs)))).
Hi Diane. Yes, I'm saddened by the whole kit and caboodle! For me it's been so long that I had a candidate I truly like, trust, am excited to vote for.
I personally don't trust the process at all and feel everything is so corrupt. Don't believe anything I hear on either side.
I'm so happy we have the freedom to protest in this country, but I wish it was done respectfully and peacefully, always.
On a personal note, I have experienced such vulgarity and violence and horror at various movements I've been involved with, seen it with my own eyes, it has made me so sad.
When I participated on the "March on Washington" for gay rights, there were so many protesters there, which I totally support. But the horrible signs they held up, the vulgar things these people would say to us, there judgements and ideas of what God believed and there personal ideas of what my life was about, who I was, was just horrifying. They threw things at us, sprayed us with water, all kinds of things. It's just over the top, and I wish it wasn't so. It hurt to see how much anger and fear and ugliness was out there.
To me that is beyond the right to protest. But it always seems to come to this regardless of the issue.
Hi Steve...
Thank you for your thoughts...
I'm so very sorry for the way things went with the March on Washington, and the way you were treated. Seems that some people have lost all common sense.
I remember the late 60's and early 70's as a time of protest, but even then if Americans didn't agree, at least the major focus or "enemy" was either outside our country "communism" or "the establishment"...
Now it seems that the enemy is our neighbors, friends and family who supported the wrong candidate...
The enemy is ourselves...
And as Abraham Lincoln stated in 1858 before the Civil War, and as history has proven, "a house divided against itself cannot stand"
It's been so disappointing and sad for me... I'm hoping that our world can somehow be set to rights again... sooner rather than later.
Thinking of you, and sending

Hey there Diane,

WOW, you are one brave widowed girlfriend for sure!!  Well, I could rant and rave and go on forever; but, we are all Americans and proud to live in the very best democracy there is!  However, that said, count me in I was also one of those great Americans who last week was bumping into walls, and frankly dumb founded.  Won't go there, but can't believe it either!!  I really thought the lesser of two evils was the woman president.  Anyway, you go girl, keep your head in the game, and your powder dry as my dad says.  Ha ha!  we need to laugh every now and then.  Take care my friend.

Thank you, Lonelyinaz...
but I'm really not very brave! But thank you for the compliment! I'm proud to live in our democracy too.. how lucky we are...
But really, my chief complaint about this whole election is how combative these past few weeks have been!
I just wish everyone could try their best to respect the democratic process and even if they don't support the other canidate, at least "agree to disagree...."
I know that's asking a lot ... but we can hope....
Sending good wishes and hopes for all our people and our country...

Yes, hope it all blows over, maybe the Holidays will help. 

Politics are politics. There has never been a campaign for a political position that has gone on w/out some sort of mudslinging. It's a fight to beat out an opponent. I choose who I want to vote for and leave it at that. During my grief, the way to make it worse was by getting involved by watching it on tv, reading about in the newspapers, engaging in political discussions all the while hearing Kumbaya in my head.

AMEN SweetMelissa! Kumbaya Always!!! I guess we just have to give this a chance...

Peace Be With Us! 

Yes, Diane, I am VERY disappointed in how people are acting this elections season.  In fact, my kids and I decided not to attend thanksgiving celebrations with my husband's relatives because of their views and how they are acting towards others who don't share their views. Laurajay, I understand your reluctance to get into politics, and normally I would avoid the subject, too, but some of us have been through a very brutal campaign season here in the U.S. that has exacerbated our grieving BIG TIME. Not only have I lost my husband, but now I am VERY WORRIED that I am also losing my country and all that it stands for in the world. This has not been a normal election in ANY sense of the word.


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