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I used to dabble with writing speculative short stories. Since Dec 12,  I have not been able to muster any interest in doing that again and I used to love it. I had been with an online writing group and was very active until life veered off course. I tried returning to the site but have not been able to participate. 

Just wondering.

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Very  typical  to  have lost  desire  or  ability  to  attend  to  or  enjoy  those  things  that  made  us  the  happiest  before  our spouses  died!  Be  it  music, reading,  writing, sports, cooking, art  etc.   It  takes  time and  you  have  to  wait  until  some  healing  takes  place.  Be  patient  with  yourself.  One  day  you  will  find  you  can  do  it  again.  Hard  to  schedule  this...Nature  will  let  you  know when  you  are  ready...could  be  months  or  longer...don't  be  alarmed  it's  normal  when  we  are  devastated by  grief.

I have a small e commerce business, I design cake toppers and have my designs produced into wedding cake toppers.  When my husband passed away last year..I haven't been able to come up with one new design.  Not one.

I'm blank, no new ideas or desire to try. I think it's normal to be "blank" with creativity when going through grieving. It's just a really really hard time.

Thanks, Laurajay and Lisa. Guess, I'll just have to ride this one out. I'm always awake in the middle of the night and I think, I should try writing, but nothing happens. There's this blur inside my head. I make a cup of tea, turn the tv off (although that is usually on), and watch a program without paying attention, always realizing I've missed the vital parts of a whodunnit movie. 

Yes, it's a process, this damned grief.

Please be patient with yourself, since you're less than a month into this experience. [At this point, I was barely able to watch 10 minutes of TV or a DVD, and reading a book was pretty much impossible.] That you can't muster any interest to do much right now is normal, but eventually you'll get back to doing some of the things you did previously--I just can't tell you how soon that will be. In the meantime, keep up with your writing whenever you feel the urge, and then look back in on the writing group when you feel the time is right. Hugs to you too.

Yes, John, makes sense. I do forget it's only been less than a month. The desire to heal is there but I guess grief has its own timetable. 


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