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"Hi Michelle, how are you?"

Is it just me, or is this a dumb question to ask a
eight week old widow?

Got it in an e-mail this morning and I really don't have the
wherewithal to answer.

Do you have a standard reply that you use? Is it
different when the question is asked in person, in
a phone call, in an e-mail?

I'd have an easier time answering in person or in
a phone call. I think I'll just reply to the e-mail
with, "It's too complicated to address in an e-mail."


I had a tough night last night, so no doubt my "grief

"hangover" is coloring my mood. So glad I have you all

to bounce this off of. Thanks for being here...


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English is just  a language of words. In times of real trouble, words are often inadequate.  Sometimes a hug, or a shrug of the shoulders, or some other physical gesture is more expressive and says more than words.  I would rather someone takes my hand, or hugs me or pats my back or in some physical way communicates rather than using words.  

I am guilty of this as well, and yet, I feel I should know better.

I have found that listening, without saying a word, eye contact, being there is the most effective.

When I have been hurting, what has helped me is having a person be silent as I suffer. Words don't help. That being said, one time, a person responded, "Damn, that sucks!"

Refreshing because it was real.

reply to soulmate:

Maybe you're right.  That exactly expresses my view: "Damn, that sucks!"  Maybe the crappy words that wouldn't be used in a "feel better" card says what we are feeling better than pretty words.


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