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Idk if it's healthy for unhealthy for me to keep all his items right where he left them... It's only been a little over 3 months and I still have his razor and deoderant by the sink, and I've washed all his clothes except 2 shirts I keep in a bag so I can still smell him.. i still have 2 pairs of pants in my laundry hamper because I can't bare the thought of washing all his clothes for the last time... His body wash and bath sponge are still in my shower too.. I'm just not sure if its hurting me more or if it's normal to harbor these things for a while longer?

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Thank you Callie. I have done my homework, this auctioneer takes his cut from the buyer, not the seller.  He is a very nice and honest man.  I've been watching his auctions and have met him in person. 

I am putting reserves on the guitars I know are worth it.  I don't know guitars and how to play them, but I do know quality and what my husband paid for them.  I have all the receipts and paperwork that came with them.  I also know what guitarists are paying for used.  If any are left then I will know I need to advertise them differently.

I do the same.  It has been a year and his toothbrush is still where he left it.  His hairbrush, shoes, clothes, even some condiments in the fridge that only he ate.  People who visit tell me I need to get rid of them by now.  I won't.  Have no clue when I will. 


Good for you, Jwick.  Don't let others dictate what you should keep and how you should progress even if they are in similar circumstances.


I am fairly similar,  my wife's toothbrush is still in the cabinet where it was, her electric shaver still sits on the sink taking up space I could certainly use (small bathroom :D ).  Her hair towel still hangs on the hook just outside the shower and her towel still hangs on the rack.  She had only used it once before I took her to the hospital for the last time so I haven't even touched it.  And while I keep telling myself this is the weekend when I will finally remove some of her clothing, it has now been 6 months of telling myself that and I still haven't.  That said, I did get rid of most food stuff that was my wife's, I am a vegetarian and she was not, so for me it was more of not having a clue what happens to some of these things if left to their own devices that made me just toss them out.  But I still run across things when I dig deep into the freezer looking for a popsicle only to find a frozen piece of chicken and think crap I missed another one.  

Your time is the right time for these things.  If you aren't ready, it isn't time yet.  As long as you aren't affecting others or blocking your personal growth and moving forward then it is all good.  


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