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Someone posted this request in a private Facebook group I'm in and I thought it might be good to do in here, too.  Let's us know who all is out there in Widowed Village land.

Here's what to do:

Share a photo of you and your love and post how long you were together and what took them from you.

To add a photo, just click on the Image icon you'll find just above where you type in your comments (it's the second icon) and upload the photo from your computer or phone.

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Your Frank has a wonderful smile.

My first love when I was 15 years old.  We were together for over a year but not the right time in our lives.  Met again 8 years ago, partners for 3 years when liver cancer took him from me August 2017 at 55 years of age.  


silver55, I am so sorry. He was so young.

Thank you, yes too young :(

If you add your photo through the Image icon it will show on the page. Looks like you added it as an attachment.  The Image icon is the 2nd one (right after the LINK icon) in the bar above where you type your comment.

I clicked on the image and your photo is wonderful.

Thank you Dianne, I think I uploaded it, new it wasn't right LOL

Randy and I met in Oct 1977, married Oct 27, 1979. He died Oct 15, 2010 of heart failure due to valve issues. We were like peanut butter & jelly. I miss him each and every day. 

Love your "peanut butter & jelly" comment, Lex.

I'm so sorry Sosammy. Your picture reminds me of one of my husband and my favorite cruises, Alaska. Where IS that snow that looks almost like a glacier?

This picture was taken a couple of years ago in our home state of North Dakota. We usually do not get this much snow, but this particular winter had 3x the amount we usually get. We went driving around the countryside with some friends and found this huge snow drift by the road. You could see where the snowplows had gone through it. Was a wonderful afternoon with friends.

Your loss is so recent.  I'm glad you found the Village, Sosammy.  That's a great photo and what I would expect winter in North Dakota to look like.


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