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Someone posted this request in a private Facebook group I'm in and I thought it might be good to do in here, too.  Let's us know who all is out there in Widowed Village land.

Here's what to do:

Share a photo of you and your love and post how long you were together and what took them from you.

To add a photo, just click on the Image icon you'll find just above where you type in your comments (it's the second icon) and upload the photo from your computer or phone.

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Ok. I’ll bite.  

First id like to say, the holidays are terrible.  I’m four years widowed now.  My husband had just turned 28 at the time of his passing.  I was 30 years old. Total time of being together was 6 years.  I’m sad.  Still.  A lot.  But I am definitely grateful to have known and loved such a human being.  My Jesse was riding his bicycle in our neighborhood when our neighbor didn’t see him turning the corner, nor he them.  The rest is history. 

Lirvie, I am so sorry. SO young. Each of you. What a beautiful selfie! Above what city? Overlooking? 

Las Vegas 

Such a tragic loss ... I am so sorry, Lirvie.  I love your photo - taken here in my city.

This is my husband and I in Cabo (2015) on his much deserved ‘retirement tour’.  We did not even get a full year together - for US.  I’m with Lirvie..holidays are the worst. He died suddenly and unexpectedly on December 3, 2015 of a cardiac event and I have been lost since. He was (and still is) my entire world. We met in 1984 and found each other again in 2000 and married. I miss him so much. I still cry Every. Single. Day.  

Mrs M I am so sorry for your loss at such a time in life. I get both the not even getting to live the retirement as well as suddenly and unexpectedly. So succinct in the agony: “I miss him so much. I still cry.” And in particular ... “Every. Single. Day.” Praying and sending positive thoughts for you to have peace and eventually find joy. 

hugs Mrs. M

That's a really beautiful picture of you and your husband.

Such joy on your faces, fivethirteen.

Lol and relief....One day I will share our love story. Thank you Dianne x

Great photo. Hate meeting you here. I am so sorry for your loss.


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