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Does anyone on here live in the South? Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana? To name a few. Not trying to start a north vs south thing!!:)

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My roommate in 10th grade was from Hamden - that was about 175 years ago.

We would probably have a lot to talk about - I'm in Vinings, native Bostonian for all but the past 7 years here in ATL.  I'm tempted to write a lot more about the whole experience, but I won't - being impulsive has hardly ever made me popular. 

I moved here in 1979 as a teenager and moved back to Ct for 7 years but ended up back here because I could not afford to go to school and pay to live there. Then I went to Charleston, Sc for school and then came back here and have been here ever since. It is cheaper to live here, but a lot about it bugs me. I teach at KSU and you don't give up an academic job unless you find something much better because they are so hard to come by, so I'm here. Maybe some day I will move to Vermont and shovel snow in my walker.....

I spent the 5 years just before moving to Atlanta living alone in Kennebunk, Maine.  By the end of January each year, I WAS shoveling snow in a walker - or wished I had one, anyway.  I've hated the cold since I hit 30 or so, and now, even ATL seems too cold to me - going further south when and if I can.  In other words, New England winters no longer seem "quaint" to me - if they ever did.

We have our snowpocalypse 2014 to contend with! Thankfully it did not involve shoveling. I probably should have swept off the deck, but didn't. The dogs have packed the snow and it will take a while to melt now. Oh well. Snow in Atlanta is always a mess. I get another snow day tomorrow, though, so I guess that is good. No work til Tuesday morning!

I started in the North, went to the Midwest, then Southwest. Am now in Kentucky by way of S.C., N.C., Tenn.

Wow! Didn't realize I'd moved around so much!

I live in McDonough, GA, just south of Atlanta. My husband Jeff died suddenly on February 18, 2014. He was 39, I turned 34 10 days after he passed.

I live in Charlotte NC and love it. I have lived in several states across the US, this is my 11th home, I think of Charlotte as my permanant home. I'm very happy here.

Native Georgian,started out life in Americus. Now I'm in north Georgia west of Ga. 400 in Dawsonville.

Did you by chance know Stephanie Pilger Eaton or her husband Frank when  you lived in Alpahapha, GA?


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