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Does anyone on here live in the South? Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana? To name a few. Not trying to start a north vs south thing!!:)

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I live in Florida.  I'm a native Floridan born and bred for many generations including native American-Lower Creek/Cherokee lineage.  I've never picked up the ability of so many southern women to charm men...thus, I married a New Englander.  My nail tech and I were talking about this very subject today.  She's a life long resident of Florida and says that she is saddened by the loss of the "legendary" kindness and hospitality of southerners.  I can't speak to that. I was never attuned to the nuances of being a GRIT (Girl Raised in the South).  I personally think that people in the south are like everyone else.  They have their strengths and weaknesses.  Some are really kind and well meaning.  Others are hard-hearted and unpleasant.  We've lived in different states, regions, and countries.  Basically, I find there are understanding, gracious people everywhere.  This grieving thing is something that is universally not understood until you go through it.  Let's face it, we wouldn't be looking at it either if we didn't have to. :(

Yes Juliana in the Sunshine state--me I'm in alabamA but just like I put my pants on 1 leg at a time I'm experiencing Grief just like all the widows/widowers did before us !and yes there are kind, compassionate,caring people here in the South & all over the world!,,but there are evil, hateful. Ect ect. People too! I'm thankful I can share with others who GET IT. CATHY

I'm very fortunate.  My 93 and 94 year old parents live with me.  They are from the generation of true southern hospitality.  They're wonderful, considerate, generous, loving people.  I guess that's why I'm so appalled at the behavior of so many people I see and meet.  I feel like in constant shock.  I don't talk much anymore.  Being very quiet leaves a void to fill up and it seems that others feel the need to fill it with ranting, complaining, nasty political rhetoric, and stuff that simply isn't worth talking about or listening to. Once you've been through this journey, everything changes.  The earthly world seems so far from what I believe that God intends it to be.  I just keep my mouth shut and tell God it's his job to fix it 'cause I'm beyond the point of trying to fix broken stuff in this life.  I am happy to help people in trouble, but not negative complainers.

Hi Juliana, I come from a line of born and raised in Florida. My grandma lived in Allapattah, FL (before Miami was a city). My dad and his siblings were born down there, then the three of us (I have two brothers). I moved out of S. Florida when I was 35. Florida Cracker! My husband was from the south, he always told me I was born too far south to be southern, ha ha! We left South Florida for a slower pace of life and moved to the mountains of NC.  Now, after my husband's death, I want to move again. Not sure where, but somewhere else. 

Oh, KK, I'm so with you.  After my parents are gone I want to find somewhere else to go.  I want a patio home or condo.  I'm so tired of taking care of this big house and yard.  I feel like I have to keep it in pristine shape so that I can sell it when the housing market improves.  Right now there are 6 different houses for sale in our area.  Nothing is moving.  I understand what your husband meant about living too far south to be southern.  Florida has been a drawing point for so many different people from different areas that it actually doesn't have the "Southern" dynamics. I don't know if that's good or bad.  I just know that I want to find a simpler place to live.

I am so with you Juliana about the negative complainers.  I cannot tolerate that like I used to.  "If it is broke don't fix it." is my motto.  One thing grief has taught me is that life is to short to be negative.  I try to look for the positive things in life and in other people.  I believe it is the positive things that will get me through this.

I used to be very quiet but find I am being more verbal now than in the past.   I find that I enjoy meeting new people and starting a conversation with strangers I have never meet. 

This is great news for me.  I've been exceedingly shy all of my life.  Ken was my mouth piece.  Now I have to learn to speak for myself; however, I'm not going to engage in any negative or gossipy stuff.  Pooy, that's just a downer.

i'M IN Florida

I live in Nashville... for now...

I'm a Florida Cracker, too. Moved here to south GA because FL became to over crowded. I remember when Pinellas, where Clearwater and St Pete are, had more cows than people. :)

Moving to East Texas in August.  Was born in Houston and moved to Wyoming when I was 12.  Been in Montana the past few years.  NOT going to miss not needing a snow shovel

I live in Northern VA.. Anyone from there?


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