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Does anyone on here live in the South? Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana? To name a few. Not trying to start a north vs south thing!!:)

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I live just outside of Auburn, Alabama.
I'm a northerner who has lived longer in the south Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana) than in the north (northeast Ohio). Even when i lived in Australia, I lived in the state of South Australia, lol. I'm near Nashville and am constantly shocked at the change in the mid-south from just a few years ago. The younger ones have not picked up their grandparent's penchant for southern gentleness of manner. I lived here in the late 70's and again in the early 90's and have just moved back since losing my husband. I wanted to come back here, but have found it's not the nice place it used to be, but then again, surliness seems to be the way of the world these days. :(

I'm in North Carolina. I have lived in the south most of my adult life. I'm sorry you have not found your new home to be what you expected.Don't give up!


I'm in Louisiana.

I'm in South Carolina

I'm in Charlotte, NC !

I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I now live in Jackson, Wyoming. I'll always be a Southern girl, no matter where I live. 

Hi!   I live in Atlanta - 7 years now, but I was born and raised near Boston.  After losing my dearest love on January 22nd, I'm tired of living in the south, but i hated the cold weather back home.  There's nothing to keep me here but where would I go????/

I am from the South. Unfortunately I live close to the Arctic Circle.



Where in Georgia?


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