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I lost my husband's voice mail recording tonight on the landline because of a power outage.  I would play the greeting when I was feeling low. Listening to his voice would give me comfort.  Tonight I feel like I have lost him all over again. I know this is not the end of the world, but another reminder he is no longer with me.  I am sure I am not the only one that this has happened to.

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At four years and several months out, I can remember lots of things about Susan.  But... I cannot remember her voice.  We had a greeting on our phone.  When we got it she was busy, and told me to just record something.  "Hi you have reached Frank and Susan, please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as we can."  My kids ( in their 40s) have been after me for years to please change the greeting.  I did two months ago. 

I do not remember her voice.  But, I discovered some cassette tapes that she and I exchanged while I was at sea.  When I finally turned in and hit the rack, I would summarize the day and what had gone on and told her  how much I loved her.  She, would set the tape recorder on the kitchen table and record the conversations with the kids as they all ate dinner. Once the kids were in bed, the other side of the tape was about what the kids were up to, what was going on round the house and finally X rated for me.

Instead of observing Susan's birthday, Mother's day, or her death, I prefer to remember and celebrate our anniversary,   Each October on our wedding day I get out our wedding album and I sit on the couch or love seat, I thumb through the pages and I talk to her as if she were sitting beside me. I tease her about some of them and most of all when I initially open the album the first picture is our engagement picture, and a marvel and wonder what she ever saw in me that she said "Yes."  I tell her the stories behind some of the pictures and tease her that I remember where we stayed that weekend after the wedding, but she was a diabetic and had to eat regularly.  I keep telling her that I don't remember ever leaving that hotel the whole weekend... Where did we eat?

You know, I have those tapes and I have a tape recorder...I'm just not sure if I'm ready to listen to them. I don't know if I can handle it, yet, or, if I ever will be.



Former Yooper,

   I'm sorry you lost that recording. Sometimes the recordings I have of Paul are all that helps me. Do you have any voice mails ?  Even if you deleted his voice mails, the Apple store etc... can them back for you. 


Lost the voice mail recording when I finally changed the Verizon account to my name. My daughter said the universe was saying it was time to let go of that . . . she is wise young person! I do have a YouTube of him talking about voter rights and election law on a community TV program, so I'm grateful for that. He was a litigator, he had a beautiful speaking voice.

I don't remember Ed's voice but I can remember his laugh or laughs. There was the quiet chuckle but a few times he would really lose it. I remember one time my family was playing a game and we paired him with my uncle. Neither had a clue to the rules and they just played any which way, often laughing hysterically. They reminded us all of the two old codgers on Sesame Street , the two in the balcony. I remember that so clearly and remember that I was so happy he was having a good time!

I also lost his voicemail. In the middle of widow fog, I forgot to pay his phone bill (which I did for almost a year after he was gone) and they turned it off. I was so devastated. I hold on to all these things left behind so dearly. Its so finite now and that makes it the most precious treasure. I kept reassuring myself that I have other recordings with his voice. What was harder is when I lost my phone, and with it our texts to each other. I used to read them religiously. That just crushed me, I cant keep him with me, but can I at least keep our messages to each other. It happened a few month ago, and I am still fighting off the melt down from it. So I tell myself I have a years worth of Skype conversations saved. And I have his phone history (although its not as much as mine was). I get it, I have found these losses to be soul crushing. 

Hi Without!

     I'm just throwing this out there for you, maybe someone who is tech savvy can answer this for us... Would texts and voice mails also be in the cloud?  Just wondering.


I have looked into what I could get back and no luck really. I can go through a history recover to see what more I can get from Tom's phone, but Im putting it off. I think having the hope that I will be able to recover some more stuff is worth a lot for me right now. I dread that there may not be much from history recover, and then all hope will be lost. If that makes sense. 


    Some phones have a RECOVERY button. Like e-mail does. It's in Settings and Junk E-Mail. ( It all depends on what brand you have. ) Try that.


Thanks Susan,

will try

My voice message was on a home answering machine.  Not a cell.

Ohh... Then I don't know what to do. I'm Sorry :-( 

I so understand how you feel.  I had a recording of a conversation between the community nurse and my dear husband that had gone to voice mail as he picked up the phone....and even though it was short and just confirming the day's appointment it also was one i played over and over just to hear his voice, abet a very tired and confused one that was just before his passing and now one that I no longer have - just another thing now gone....


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