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Here's a spot where you can post your special May remembrances - wedding anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries of your loss, children's weddings, etc. - and discuss the plans you have to get through those potentially hard days. 

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Today marks the first anniversary of my husband Bob's death. I have missed him every day, especially on what would have been our 51st wedding anniversary. I am getting ready to go on my first cruise without him, when I think of how much he loved cruising it makes me very sad.  I am taking it one day at a time, the only plans I make are for travel, everything else I leave to fate.  I have no ideas for my future, I feel that what happens will happen, and I plan to enjoy the time I have left on this earth. Today some of my wonderful neighbors have invited me to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and I plan to take them up of the offer. 

All good plans joan1944.  I went to Iceland on the anniversary week of my first year without my husband at my side.  The hardest day for me was the anniversary of the day before he died because it was the last day that he was alive but I got through it with a few tears sprinkled here and there.

 This September would have marked our Silver anniversary and we had plans to go to Paris and renew our vows.  Instead I'm going somewhere different but it is a place that we would have enjoyed together.  He travels light these days so I will simply carry him in my heart.

May 12 2014 my husband died suddenly.....May 30th is our anniversary so he passed 18 days before our 34th wedding anniversary.

hugs to you, Boxer Mom

Today is our wedding anniversary.  

May5 should have been our 33rd anniversary.  May 21 will  be my 4th year alone without Doug.  

My sister & father's birthday is in May, along with of course Mother's day.  None of them understand that I just don't care.  I have no reason to celebrate anything.  I somehow decided by this time life would be better, I would have met someone. But no, I am just still alone, trying to do things on my to-do list, that I don't care about either.

May is the start of the 2 month Birthday/Anniversary season for me. May 7th was Arlene's birthday, she would have been 64 and it hit me a bit harder because it is the 5th anniversary of the last birthday she spent outside of a nursing/rehab center or her grave. Then June 2nd it the 2nd anniversary of her 3rd heart attack and stroke, which put her in a coma for her last 8 days. June 10th is her 2nd Angelversary, were 7 days short of knowing each other for 35 years. June 17th is the day we met in 1980, its also my mom's birthday and July 6th, my birthday is the day we became us after knowing and working with each other for 3 years and we were a month short of being together for 32 when she passed. 

I don't look forward to May.

My anniversary season is upon me. Arlene's Birthday was May 7th, This Friday, June 2nd at 8:15 am it will be exactly 2 years since the heart attack and stroke that put her in a coma for her last 8 days and on Saturday June10th, at 3:55pm, Arlene will have joined the angels. 7 days later on June 17th we would have known each other for 37 years and on July 6th we would have been "US" for 35. We should have had another 20 years. Toward the end, when Arlene kept telling me that she was never going home because she was dying, I told her "NO! You can't because you're supposed to yell at me in whatever assisted living we go to." 

This sucks!


I am new to this website and am hoping to be able to be able to maybe heal and move forward.  My husband passed away suddenly on May 8,2015 he was only 38 years old and this Sunday is his birthday.  He would have been 41.  I find the second year has been so much harder on me.  How does one get through all these hard moments.  The days are hard enough and then anniversaries, bdays etc..  make them so much harder:-(


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