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Just wondering if anyone has gone to a medium to connect with their spouse? And if so, what was the outcome?  *good, bad, or -- ?"  I've been to a few and just want to know what others have done...  (Some people think I'm crazy for doing this stuff.)  But I've had some very good readings, and some not-so-much, some iffy  --- many are pricey --- and wondering if anyone else has experienced a mediumship reading. And how it worked for you. And if well, who was the medium?




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Dee1960, I have wondered the same thing.  Up and until my wife's passing, I would have not given a medium much interest.  After her passing, I read a book about Signs that has sparked my interest in connecting.  Sometimes I feel her presence and think someone like that might help sooth my nerves.

Curious about what others think.

Yes, I sought out medium, Molly Morningstar (yes that's her real name) 4 months after husbands death.  It was a great experience if you are interested in that route I encourage you to go for it!

I went to one guy, Drew Cali - absolutely cold reading. Unbelievable connection. Amazing. Went to another one, nothing. Went back to Drew, nothing special. He even said, no need to come back, it is not an ongoing conversation.

Thank you all for your responses -- I've had a few readings, wanting a connection with my husband on "the other side".... as I believe we can -- had I a wonderful one with John Holland, via phone, waited 2 years on his waiting list cost $375 for an hour reading, he picked up on so many things like my husband passed unexpectedly but  was met by "two dogs" when he crossed over, how he died, lots of stuff he couldn't known about my husband's personality, even my wind chimes and at the beginning of the reading he said my husband was met by "two dogs" but he's now with "three dogs in spirit" and he said was confused because first there were two now three, but the third dog was still alive when my husband passed, that dog died 3 months later, there were  many other things that rang so true --  but when a friend listened to it (he sent a recording) she told he was a fraud and I'm wasting my money. I felt terrible cause I really think John Holland got in touch with my husband.... then my bubbled "popped" as I was feeling so good  .. am I just wanting it too much?  

Anyway --just saw a different medium last week, cost $300 -- an hour, she did pick up a lot of things which were rang so true -- but I was really looking for confirmation like his nickname for me -- or the name of our car (we name our cars!) something special -- didn't quite get that, but got a lot of other validations.... I won't get into it all, as this will get to be long post, but so many validations from both mediums. I've been to others who seem generic (i.e. he sends you love, etc.)  So am I crazy? For wanting to be forever married to my husband "in spirit"? And connect with him.

I don't have any personal experience but, I don't think you're crazy.  I believe in signs and synchronicities.  I believe a few ppl are out there who are truly gifted.  I also believe finding one is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I'd like to have a reading as well but, honestly, I am too chicken.  I'm scared to death. 

Jerry didn't believe in mediums.  He also told me specifically that he would NOT find a way back to me because if he did that I'd NEVER move forward.  Well, as much as he hurt me when he said it I can see he was right now that he's gone.  So that is what I'm afraid of.  I'm afraid of finding out he really isn't around me.  


Based on my experience (signs and what some call coincidences) I believe in life/existence beyond the grave.

However, I agree with you that many of these spiritualists are nothing but a hoax and if they has a "gift" they would be gifting it to you at no cost or for a nominal fee to cover their time.

That said I am going to see one. Have a friend drop me off so they can't run my license and see what they have to say. Seems like a lot start off with how the person died. I know that, looking for something real and substantial. I bet they make you pay up front. 


I am going just for my curiosity, not expecting anything. However many people get comfort and validation from seeing one so who knows.

They  would not stay in business  very  long  making  money  if  they gave  out  bad news  or negative  narrative!  Of course  they  say things  to  keep people coming back ...don't  kid yourself.  You  can look  in  the  mirror, examine  your  heart  and  your  memory and likely come up with  comforting  words  just as  well as a guru medium.    No one can validate  you  more than  you  yourself can...But  people  like hearing  good things  so  if it  floats  their be it.  Just don't  fall for  fake...stay may  at  least  be  amusing.

Agree, this is pure entertainment on my part. 

No, the one I saw said "Don't keep coming back, nothing to gain from it." I know some do though. But I think like anything else, there are real ones and fakes.

Been reading through all the posts, thanks all for responding!

Rich, let us know how it goes!

I think mediums are like any other business, i.e. you can hire a great carpenter or one that does crap work or worse scams you!  

I've paid as much as $400 for 1 1/2 hour reading to $25 for an hour and believe me, you pay for what you get. The cheap reading, the "medium" didn't even mention my husband! Kept bringing up some "blonde woman"  -- huh?

I also started to attend a "spiritualist church" where they give mediumship readings for free... they are short readings only a few minutes but some do ring true.... and the whole scenario is quite an experience. I didn't even know such "churches" were run by mediums....

Also started reading a book called Soul Sensing (How to Communicate with Your Dead Loved Ones) by Janice Carlson. Just got the book, so am not done with it but it's quite intriguing so far. Bought it because I heard an interview with the author.  Maybe I can connect with my husband myself and skip the middleman!

Blessings to all,


My cousin is a big believer in mediums.  She has arranged for me to go see someone next weekend to hopefully connect with my husband who passed 6 months ago.  I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it.  I would like to think that they are real, however I still am not sure they aren't there to prey on people who are at a vulnerable time. I will go in with an open mind and hopefully have a positive experience if nothing else it gets me out of the house for a little bit.  


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