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Just wondering if anyone has gone to a medium to connect with their spouse? And if so, what was the outcome?  *good, bad, or -- ?"  I've been to a few and just want to know what others have done...  (Some people think I'm crazy for doing this stuff.)  But I've had some very good readings, and some not-so-much, some iffy  --- many are pricey --- and wondering if anyone else has experienced a mediumship reading. And how it worked for you. And if well, who was the medium?




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I've never been more interested in mediums. I never believed in that stuff. Didn't care to go. And I've lost others close to me. But with my husband, my life partner, my rock, passing, I am a changed woman. The fact that he passed so unexpectedly does not help at all. I don't think that its better to have to bear witness to your partner succumbing to an illness and deteriorating. I'm sure that is just as horrible. But for me, I feel like he was snatched away mid sentence. I'm still very much in shock. There is so so so much more I wanted to say. To do with and for him. So much to apologize for. I say it now, and I know he hears me, but I wish I could reeeaaaally know, if that makes sense. Wish I could see his face and see him smile as I confess my undying love for him. I'm apprehensive because of my previous beliefs, some of which are the same as you all mentioned. But I think my deep, visceral need to "talk" to him, to hear from him, to know that he's ok is outweighing that....

I wish you the best Teresa. I hope it is a great experience for you. Please let us know how it goes!

Teresa, let us know how it goes.  Good luck. I do you make a connection.

I went to a medium 3 months after my husband passed and she was spot on. There was absolutely no way she could have known ahead what my husbands first words were the day we met. The exact words. My nickname. She knew we were due to leave for Hawaii 5 days after he passed. She told me he was on a boat in Florida, his own boat and that was his heaven. She had no idea we had a second home in Florida and that we boated 4 days a week. 2 weeks earlier I was on our closet and the light started flickering. It had never done this and I had this feeling he was with me. I sat in the closet and talked to him for 30 minutes. She told me that he wanted me to know that “ that was him in the closet when the lights were going on and off”. Yes. The list went on. I am a true believer. Look for signs. Once you do, you will see them. I see them nearly every day.

Lost Girl, thank you, that was beautiful! Who was the medium?


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