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Sometimes people who are trying to comfort me will remind me that one day I get to be back with my babes in heaven. Where everything will be PERFECT and better than ever....true this is comforting and of course I want (And believe) I will see him again, and I hope we'll pick up where we left off....but truthfully I would be ok if things weren't perfect, cause there were so many little imperfections that made us "Us" .....I tell people I don't long for this angelic perfect existence with my love someday, I actually hope Heaven is a little bit more like earth......with late night trips to fast food places, arguing with my guy to take out the trash, battling and teasing him to take me to see a chick flick at the movies, having him surprise me with breakfast (while he forgets he left a pile of dirty dishes for me to wash later lol), searching the house for his laundry, cause my babes always leaves his clothes on the floor, and his socks continuously disappear. Having him hog the remote, and get excited to watch ANOTHER action movie! Having an argument so he can surprise me with flowers, or have awesome make up sex. Being talked into seeing a scary movie so my babes can hold me and tell me it's gonna be okay, while he jokingly teases me for being afraid. Having him pop outta bed wearing a spooky mask to scare me lol..catching him trying to hide he's smoking marijuana, while he attempts to lie with bright red eyes. Having a night with the playful drunk version of him....drunken crazy sex.....grind dancing at a club.....morbid jokes and questions.....reminding him to shower when he gets home from the gym, while he begs me for a back massage. Having him ignore me while he plays video games or watches sports. His backseat driving. His jealous attitude towards guys checking me out. His unknowing male chauvinist moments....all of that for lack of better word "Guy-ness" .....I don't long for perfection, I hope for my guy not to of changed too much. I don't just miss the good things I miss the so called "Bad Things" too. How about you?

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I think when we get back together with our loved ones, they will be "just perfect" for us, the way we want them to be. (((hugs))) I can tell you miss him like crazy. Me too.

Thank you, I do miss him like crazy! He really got me, he was the cream to my coffee, the PB to my jelly, the Mac to my cheese.....I question how the universe can stand to part us!

I don't think that these are bad things.  They are all the little quirky things that make up all of us.    I still remember Lupe trying to step on the brake when she was in the passenger seat of my car.....

Oh my gosh, Lupe's husband....I did that ALL the time in Gregg's car!!

These are not "bad" things, these are all the things that make your love special.  I too hope and pray that life isn't "perfect" but it is our version of perfect when I see him again.  I can't wait to see his crazy dance on a string again.

Lupe's Husband and H2obapper, Ur right, I don't think Bad really was the right word to suit it....I guess I meant more like the things people don't imagine people doing in heaven.

Stepping on the break, sounds like she loved teasing you :)

Crazy dance on a string, awe my guy loved to dance too. He would dance around in our apt in his underwear. Dance in the car while driving, and even danced in the supermarket. He was (I believe still is) so playful and wonderful!

young widow-Lupe wasn't teasing me, she was a terribly nervous passenger.      Usually I just let her drive.

Oh I see, that's the kinda passenger I am....very sweet of you to let her drive.


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