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Sorry I missed responding to this question, Hopeful. You should have received your 3 PenPal matches in an email on June 3rd. Let me know if you didn't see it - sometimes they end up in spam/junk folders - and I can re-send their names/email addresses to you.


Hopeful and Slick just a suggestion. If you go into the chat room you can have a personal chat no one can see. There you can exchange personal emails, telephone numbers, etc. 

I hope someone can answer an obvious question- except for me!  LOL    I wanted to reply to a post on Soaring Spirits, but it just keeps 'saving' and never posts. I had never signed up for an account on that site, so I uses my same email address and password as for Widowed Village. What's am I doing wrong?



Hi Shoosie.

Are you referencing the Soaring Spirits web site? 

That site is separate from this one, so you will need to join it in order to make a comment over there. There is no cost or membership required to be able to post comments there.

I'm assuming you'd like to respond to one of the blog posts. Thank you for that. We love for our writers to hear from people who read their daily blog posts.


how do I start a new thread in the forum? I tried to but I can't see the thread I posted. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Whitedoves.

I see your discussion posted and you've joined the Sudden Loss group, so it looks like you figured it out. I'm sorry I wasn't online to respond earlier. 


When comes up on my PC, I get an indicator that the connection is not secure.  

Have others seen that?  Any concerns or tips?

I've not had that happen, Isaiah4031, but I can check with our web guy. I know we have all sorts of firewalls in place. 

You received that message but it still allowed you to open up the site?  I've received that type of message on other sites but my browser wouldn't let me open it up at all.

Hey, I have that too.  Just letting you know I think it's more to do with your computers settings than an issue with the sight.  However, if you lock down the settings I'm not sure if the site would work right.  

Im a long term member would like to hear from penpals anywhere and find contacts in Long Island if possible this elaine

Our Widowed Pen Pal Program is not able to match members up by location. The best I can suggest is that you type in Long Island or Staten Island in the search box up at the top right-hand corner of the page and see which profiles show up.

I see that you posted in the Connect with Others page ... did you notice there were 3 people who posted they were in Staten Island?

And we do have a Soaring Spirits Regional Group that meets in New York City twice a month. They have a MeetUp page where they post their events:

Are you a member of the group you're trying to comment on Carol?


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