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I searched for WV on FB and could not find it. Can anyone provide a link?

Barb may be set private as only members here are being added. Send email to Morgana (Janet) or to me with your name. You have to become friends with one of us on FB so we can add you to the group. FB rules. I am out of town so Janet may be a better option plus she set the WV Chat on FB up. 

Go to FB and click on Messenger on the left. Under Chats there is a search box. Type Widowedvillage Chat and it will bring it up. When it comes up click on it and type a message. You are automatically a member.

Message me on FB if you have a problem. Look for Janet Lacy-Sellars

As Marsha noted, we did send a broadcast email but some have said they did not receive it. It would have gone to the email you used when you signed up to join Widowed Village. I’d be happy to forward it to anyone who did not receive it. Send me an email at [email protected] 

We sincerely appreciate that Morgana(Janet) set up a chat space on Facebook for those who regularly meet in the Widowed Village Chat Room. However, please note that Facebook chat room is not supported or monitored by Soaring Spirits. We are hopeful our new Widowed Village web site will be up before the end of the year and final decisions about content are still being made. Stay tuned for a much improved site that is easier to navigate and make those important connections. 


The end of the year? January? wow, what is taking so long?

There are only two of us working on this project, Barb. Soaring Spirits is a non-profit organization and I’m an unpaid volunteer. I also manage Widowed Village, our Pen Pal Program and volunteers for Camp Widow but we do hope to beat our end of the year deadline.

OK, hugs, and thanks for all you do. Any way to get to the FB page?

Thank you Dianne for the update. I sure hope it isn't down to long.

What happened to the "Chat" room?  Not there anymore.

See response above, Dee. If you didn’t receive the email send me a message at [email protected] and I’ll send it to you. 

In the original email I received, I thought it said the regular chat room we've been using would only be down for a short time while changes were being made.  Is it actually going to be down the entire time?  Possibly all through the holidays?


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